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    The nerdiest parts ever.

    :ROFLMAO: You do you! (y)
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    Period correct colour coded wires ? 68 Westy? where can I buy?

    I rewired the entire front loom from the fusebox with wire from I couldn't find dashed secondaries anywhere so I had to settled for striped. For wire colours that I couldn't get I picked the primary and then hand-dashed the wire with a permanent marker so at least the...
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    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    Read about it on the latebay, but its good to spread the word. One thing, you cannot trust TrustPilot. They take money from companies, and the ones with bad reviews can pay to have them 'fixed' - flagging bad reviews as not genuine and then banning the reviewers.
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    Machine 7 Closed.

    That's sad. Is it an indication of the aircooled parts market, or is has it closed for another reason?
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    Insurance - again

    That does look nice. Do you have a photo album on flicker or such? Is it a '73 MY then (built after august '72)? I have a 71, but I'm also active (more so actually) on the late bay forum. Are you a member there too?
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    Insurance - again

    I use Hagerty's also. Just renewed with them. Gone up a bit though this year. Original policy agreed value was supported with 5 photos and a snap of the odometer. Blimey, 50K for a crossover, is it like, mint? I'd like to see pics of that!
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    Fuse box

    I'm sure the '70 was the first model year for 12 fuses? The '72 box is 411 937 505 C. The difference between the A/B/C is doubling up of the columns are in a different place because some of the functions are moved to a different fuse. It may be possible to either move the connectors around...
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    Earlybay Campout 20th-22nd May 2022

    I'm supposed to be going on hols that weekend, opposite direction. Doesn't matter though, bus is still on axle stands, with hubs in pieces...
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    Earlybay Campout 20th-22nd May 2022

    You can still order them, so I'd think so, yes.
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    Dormobile Project Advice

    Note that your buddy seat should have a movable arm on it with a peg that slots into the right-side bracket attached to the bulkhead. When the seat is in the left position the arm swings out of the way. See the three brackets in the picture below. In total you should have three on the wardrobe...
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    Dormobile Project Advice

    The right bracket fixes to the driver side bulkhead. The P.O of my bus put shelves in the wardrobe. I'll see if I can get some photos later. I also could do with some new trim. Our furniture is looking a bit tatty, so next year when I do a respray I'm going to think whether I should rip it out...
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    How to fix down interior cabinets ?

    Just a point about self-tappers, at least Dormobile fitted all their cabinets to the floor using them. Probably others too. I'm actually going to be pilot drilling several holes in my new floor today to achieve the same thing. 😓
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    How to fix down interior cabinets ?

    Self tapping screws?
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    Engine question…

    Just repaint the bus yellow and be done with it then 😁