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    This is strange.

    Yes obviously dude.
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    This is strange.

    What're we looking at?
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    Engine stand needed ..

    If @YellowBay69 is sorted out from @67panel do you mind if I borrow the stand for a couple of weeks? I'm just down the road from you.
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    Engine stand needed ..

    I think I'm gonna buy one of these:
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    Engine stand needed ..

    I'm also looking for one, Gloucestershire/Worcestershire/Oxfordshire.
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    Garage Lifts

    Nooooo.... Say it aint so!
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    Engine bay oil leak

    Impact gun. If you don't have one you can get a cheap electric one from Machine Mart that will push several hundred lb/ft.
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    Are van prices falling

    I respectfully disagree. The global economy crash that is happening right now is worse than what was brought about by the sub-prime mortgages scam of 2008, and it is going to get worse. Also, don't forget to factor inflation. Example, if your van is worth 15k now, and after 2 years of inflation...
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    Are van prices falling

    Not sure about vans/buses, but I said a couple years ago once we get into 70's style inflation prices of used vehicles generally would drop like a brick. Along with houses and some other types of assets.
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    Parts For Sale Steering box

    Is that for a splittie? I don't recognise it as a T2 steering box.
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    Dirty little secret…….😳

    I don't like it, sorry. Each to their own though.
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    And keep the change! :)
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    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    It's this kind of bullshit that makes me despair.
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    Xmas gifts

    I've never seen one come without a fuel tank.
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    Xmas gifts

    I already tried going direct to, same outcome. The only thing that worked was opening it in incognito mode, which means it cant read my cookies for a start, so it cant try to determine what nationality I'm not.