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    Early Bay for breaking

    Unfortunately not
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Mostly stripped out now , what pictures did you want , anything particular?
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Hi, inner is worse than the outer :o
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    Bumper mounts?

    Like ok like part of a tow bar or towing rig
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    Chassis Repairs...

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    Chassis Repairs...

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    Chassis Repairs...

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    Chassis Repairs...

    I’m breaking a bay I can chop it out of
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    Wanted - exterior door handle

    i have a few spare genuine handles, how nice/shiny do you want it
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Engine sold All removable panels are rotten Excellent Devon moonraker roof , double bed etc £1250, canvas , bed and roof in excellent condition gearbox £350 dash pod £150 empi narrow 5s £150 anything you need ask, chassis looks good , plenty of cuts too
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    Seat issues …. can you help ??

    Looks like a passenger bay seat, what issues are you having?
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    Pop top lining

    the later roofs and the t25 ones are flocked, you can buy a diy kit, doesnt look to tricky
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    LHD/RHD conversion

    its much more work that just a few bot on parts, the chassis is reasonably involved, finding the parts isnt that easy, ive had both LHD and RHD, theres a difference to driving both, i would take RHD over LHD, but can and do drive both, allow a few thousands for a conversion to RHD
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    Wanted roll over jig

    i have an autovip 1400, near portsmouth