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    Narrowed Beam

    The correct term for them are dampers which regulate the "up /down" movement. All manufacturers/suppliers even call them shocks! Even Google has it wrong and wikipedia calls it both! Springs for vehicles are shock absorbers. (there are many types of springs for many applications) Imagine...
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    Initial engine break-in setup — running rough

    Check valve tappets gap first of all. Check points are clean and gap. Then do the dist rotate thing when running. Check fuel cut off valve is connected good. A bad connection will cause it to intermittently shut. Do a compression test as hissing seems suspect and could be a leaky cylinder.
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    Dormobile Light Wiring - Help Needed.

    Let me stop you all there. Do you really want to be wiring extra lights that will be using power when engine is not running? You need to have an aux battery with a splitter relay and run lights and accessories from that.
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    Narrowed Beam

    Motorway driving in inside lane with HGV's passing is not nice even on stock beam. You have to be on the alert all the time. First you feel the push to left with the pressure wave of the lorry which you correct and then re correct as it is passing! Keep the stock beam and spend the money...
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    Fuel line help

    From the expansion tubes the pipes in the engine bay should connect by a T piece 15A which goes to the air inlet plenum after the factory air filter. The negative pressure in the plenum draws fuel vapour from the tank to the carb and stops it escaping to atmosphere (and smell!) It is an engine...
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    Fuel line help

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    Fuel line help

    Expansion vessels for fuel when a tank is full especially in hot weather .
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    Rear light lens seal

    I used this to make my own seals for indicators. It comes in different diameters and if you have a sample of your old one then you can get the dia you need. I think I used the 3mm and it was cheaper than factory ones! Black EPDM Rubber Foam Sealing Strip Round Bar For Cabinet Door Seal...
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    1971 - YRY483J -Restoration

    Either make a bender out of angle iron and stout hinges 9see uTube) or buy one for less than £100. It will save you a lot of time and make nice bends. The Canadian man Fitzee also shows you hoy to make these tools. I made mine with scrap angle iron and some pipe for handles. Look them up on...
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    1971 - YRY483J -Restoration

    There are plenty of scrap cars about. Get a scrap door panel or roof for metal. The panels off a fridge are a lighter gauge but flat. Clean with 40 or 80 grit sanding wheel. Check out this Canadian man on how to make parts with basic tools.
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    U Tube
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    What part of the track rod is this?

    Think China imports!
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    Will have rust etc but check chassis rails and get someone with experience to look it over. No MOT or road tax needed when you do a declaration. My 75 was like this when I got it and spent years re panelling properly. This is to let you see what can be done to get it back to new but also let...
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    Fuel Pump

    Yes get an electric fuel pump. Ignition on, fuel pumps immediately and therefore does not depend on engine turning to give fuel to carb. I use Facet made in USA. Do not buy China junk which is from C&C. For another 20 quid a quality Facet pump it is worth it.