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    The Dropped Dough Ball

    Still using the bus, upgrading some electrics and batteries, keeping the smile on the face :) Solar panels working like a dream to! best thing ive ever bought tbh!
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    Nice like it :)
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    Nice, like that :) cheers dood
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    Parts in France

    Fuck me those hail stones are whoppers! i hope your getting sorted :)
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    Also, do they work on the same app? i.e. can you see both batteries on there, or do you load each one seperately?😎
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    @sparkywig ive seen those, pretty cheap to! any good dood?
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    Good Afternoon Gangsters! So heres a quick one... Im looking at installing an lcd or something like that, that shows the %charge left in the car battery and the leisure battery. If i can switch it on from the unit thats a huge plus as i dont want it on permenatly. What have you got? What have...
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    Ace, will take a looksy, cheers dood :)
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    its a good call, i may have a little looksy but i do have a feeling they would not be as flexible as they should be i guess and may start to work loose over time. hmmm(y)
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    Cheers dood, that pretty much what i have on mine, i was just wondering if there is such a thing as silicone tubing that can handle that sort of heat i.e next to the exhaust, i guess there isnt unless its a bazillion pounds! :ROFLMAO:
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    Hi Guys n gals, Just wondering if this is even possible due to the heat a proximity of the exhaust, but has anyone ever used the high heat silicone pipes from heat exhangers? Is this even possible? what are your thoughts? has it been done or is it just a massive no! you can get some uber high...
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    Join us in your VW Vintage Nostalgia Festival 2nd to 5th June 2022

    Im always there! see you this year :)
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    How long have you owned your current bus?

    I think im around 25years at the moment :)
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    Roof racks

    I have the creative 3 bow and a 2 bow, cannot fault them, ive had them for some 10 years now i think :)
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    Fuel Cap Replacements

    awesome, thank dood, but i have just found one in my stash, so have a new seal now and it works like a charm. Thanks for the offer tho its very much appreciated :mrgreen: 8)