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    Dormobile Seat Parts ????

    join the club! I have those very same parts all nicely powder coated but no idea where they come from. I thought the big L plate was part of the pop-top? Will try and have a look today
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    Drum brake advice

    Thanks Graham, good to have a recommendation, especially from someone like yourself!
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    Wheel bearing grease

    Excuse my ignorance but would lithium-based NLGI2 multipurpose grease be ok for packing out when bearings etc? The tub says it has a good temperature tolerance and suitable for hubs, universal joints, chassis & general greasing. My internet research indicates that it is suitable but it would be...
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    Drum brake advice

    Thank for the additional info. JK has the FTE cylinders and FEBI front hoses; Heritage have Goodridge, Meyle and Forst hoses. I'm hoping the Meyle/ Forst are ok!
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    Drum brake advice

    Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. I suspected that they needed replacing & certainly a refurb. Looked through my stack of invoices and looks like: rear hoses last replaced in 2008 rear brakes last replaced cylinders/ shoes/ adjusters in 1995 :eek: fronts I've no idea That said...
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    Drum brake advice

    Thanks Ben, do you think any of the other parts on the front need replacing while I'm there? Brake shoes look ok to me. No idea what the back brakes look like as I've not been able to get the castle nut off yet.
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    Rear bumper help

    hi Wayne and welcome, There are far more knowledgable folk on here than I but I would very much doubt that a bumper will work with a 4 tip exhaust. The factory fit was a single small pipe coming out on the nearside. You can just see it poking down here. You may be able to replace some of the...
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    Drum brake advice

    On my last big trip in the van I had a rather heart stopping moment when braking approaching a roundabout after a long drive and the pedal went straight to the floor. :oops: Fortunately managed to slow down with the gears, there was little traffic and no damage other than a new pair of shorts...
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    Insurance - again

    Odd, I would recommend classicline. I've got a multiyear policy covering a 1970 TR6 (agreed £18k - more than previous insurer) and my 1970 Dormi, only mods being slightly lowered. That was agreed @£25k but I do have extensive documentation showing full resto. I've also moved mine and my...
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    Looking for our old family 1968 VW Camper

    is there a number missing from that reg - VME 61G? Mine is an H reg and it has 3 numbers
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    Dormobile Project Advice

    have a look at an old thread: I will see if I can edit and sort out the missing pictures
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    Dormobile Project Advice

    Dormobiles rock! I have a load of photos which I will dig out for you. Might help. I sold my interior so don't have any of it left other than buddy seats and some odd bits of trim which I may not need. Have you tried the Dormobile website?
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    Parts vendor quality

    thanks, I had a feeling that might be the case !
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    Parts vendor quality

    hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on the forum, life has been getting in the way! My sliding door exterior handle snapped off yesterday so I'm looking for another and it got me thinking about which vendor consistently provides good parts? So far I've seen the part (211843703H) on...
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    Garage recommendations around weston-super-mare

    I read that too quickly as whether you should "respray myself" rather than "do a respray myself" :lol: I need a break from the screens...