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    Garages - advice please!

    When we were making our garage we had to keep the height as low as possible for planning, so didn't have room for an up-and-over door. We ended up just making our own fold-out doors. Worked out ok, we even have almost an inch and a half clearance at the top when we drive the van in!
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    I’m scared

    I thought it was just me that gets anxious taking the bus out!
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    68 wiper arms.

    Our bus is a 68. Not sure if the wipers are original, though:
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    Hi from the Midlands

    Welcome to the forum Cheryl!
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    Ignition coil fail

    I had to google "zoorst" :ROFLMAO:
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    New Member

    Hello and welcome!
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    New in the VW community with a 68 westy !

    Welcome to the forum, Maxime!
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    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    Sorry to hear about the accident, Huyrob. We're on the continent at the moment and all the stories have been making me worry! I phoned our insurance broker (A Plan) today and happily they confirmed that our policy with KGM has exactly the same cover here as it does in the UK.
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    Oil light came on. Help!

    Yes, it was leaking out because of a tear in the valve cover gasket. I replaced the gasket and filled her up again, and she seems to be running fine now, thankfully!
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    Oil light came on. Help!

    Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. Fingers crossed she's ok!
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    Oil light came on. Help!

    Thanks, Sparkywig. There was a tear in the gasket. I put in some more oil (1 litre got us up to the lower mark on the dipstick, then I kept going till she was full) and we made it to our campsite 5 miles away without the light flickering at all. Do you think it's done much damage? I'd like to...
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    Oil light came on. Help!

    We're on our way to Milton Keynes and the oil light just came on. The dipstick is dry and the there was oil dripping at quite a rate from the right hand (1 & 2) valve cover. Is it safe to put in more oil (we've only 1 litre with us) and continue, or would that just make it worse? Our oil...
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    Westy Table for sale.

    Hi, is it still available? Cheers, Michael