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    Missing thermostat and flaps.

    Hi everyone, I don’t appear to have any parts on my 1600 twin port regarding the thermostat and fan housing flaps. No bracket, linkages, thermostat or flaps. I know a lot of people don’t seem to have them, but it does seem to take a long time for the oil to come up to temperature. Will the only...
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    Steering box, parts or replacement

    Yeah, I was lucky enough that when I took mine off (as the steering was really slack) it didn’t turn out to be that bad. Once I adjusted it up it was acceptable. Someone had it set up so with the wheels at dead ahead the peg wasn’t even on the ”tight spot” on the worm. As you say the worm has to...
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    Steering box, parts or replacement £600 inc a £200 exchange surgharge. They also do pegs and other refurb parts to diy
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    Drum brake advice

    I had old hoses collapse internally which resulted in pretty much no movement in my front callipers, so I’d personally replace all those. Brake cylinder sounds shot, and they’re not expensive so probably best Replace those (both sides). Check shoes for fluid contamination.
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    Monty the Red Campervan

    Just fitted a pair of complete convex mirrors from Auto Wares. Stainless, but still have chromed stalks. They have the longer threads unlike some cheaper ones. Seem good quality and do give a noticeably better rear view
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    Which Fuel do you use?

    I looked into this a while back as I have classic bikes, and heard ethanol actually degrades and disintegrates zinc-alloy (which My Amal carbs are made of. Apparently the Esso supreme? E5 is best, in most parts of the country it actually contains only trace amounts of ethanol. The e5 or e10...
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    Engine question…

    If it was ok before the replacement parts were fitted I’d check for any obvious fitting errors then try backtracking, putting the old parts back on one thing at a time. Just because it’s new doesn’t always mean it works.
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    Thanks for the tip. My issue was with the small, what I assume to be pre-heater cans on a standard type exhaust Not lining up at all with the tinware holes and heat exchangers (which I believe is a common problem with any of the pattern silencers?). There was so many gaps I lost most of the warm...
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    I totally agree about original insulated concertina tubes, definitely the best. I might have a look at the heater hose you recommend as I have had to continue the fan hose straight to my heat exchangers and the exhaust header is right in the way, had to ‘dent‘ the tube to do it
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    They’re definitely not that flexible. Seemed ok once I did get them on and didn’t move, though they were only on for a month or so until I sorted some OE tubes with insulation inside. I don’t think I’d do it again to be honest unless I had no alternative.
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    If you’re talking about replacing the concertina connectors from the exchangers to heating ”system” (I use the word with a slight smirk), I used some temporarily whilst sourcing some originals, and it worked fine. It is the stuff used on turbo intercoolers etc. it really didn’t want to bend to...
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    RHD Conversion and Repaint?

    you‘re going to just have to keep your eyes open, especially if you have set your heart on a deluxe with sunroof, etc. the more particular you are the tougher it may be. I know Bullibarn in Essex has had a few Aussie buses, but I’d ring round as many dealers as possible and ask them to look out...
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    RHD Conversion and Repaint?

    South African or Aussie surely has to be the way to go? RHD already. Convert from LHD and you’ll still have the slider on the wrong side. My friend has the straightest, most original splitty I’ve seen, German built South African. In the latest series of vintage voltage they put a 300hp Tesla in...
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    Can anyone help ID my front Calipers?

    If you have M14 bolts holding the callipers on I’d guess the spindles (and callipers) have been swapped for later 73-on ones. The 71 model callipers take M12 bolts, and as you say to convert to later callipers you use M12 bolts with “conversion” bushes which also give the right spacing to line...
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    Wheeler Dealers

    I can’t watch Bangers and cash now, after buying my bus through them blind during lockdown......the nice looking, didn’t appear to have much wrong vehicle in the video is still on my drive with a 2 grand parts alone bill (and counting) after 3 months! Auction houses seem to be able to take the...