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    Replacing a Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beam - choices

    Yeah, they sent me a couple of new 'through bars' (the things they use to replace the torsion leaves) but they didn't make any difference. Not sure if you can see the videos in the Dropbox, but they show the play.
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    Replacing a Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beam - choices

    Ha! Just found my original post about the same issue. Looks like I've always had the problem then but never failed an MOT because of it:
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    Replacing a Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beam - choices

    I've had one of the original Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beams on my '71 for the past 12 years or so. It was the 2"-4" drop version. It gives a nice ride quality with an uprated anti-roll bar too, but at the last MOT, I had discussions with the tester about some travel in the trailing arms...
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    Rear brake drums (early vs late bay)

    Yeah, I was only on about 71 onwards (small 5 stud pattern). I know the early stuff is different anyway. Just seems that given '71 onwards has one backing plate option and one drum option then shoe choice is purely down to what wheel cylinder and spreader bar you have already.
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    Rear brake drums (early vs late bay)

    Just stripped down my rear brakes on my '71 to try and figure out why the adjuster had to almost be wound out all the way for the shoes to be effective. There's plenty of material left on them so I can only assume an issue with the wheel cylinder. Got me thinking though, looking at the parts...
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    Dormobile bunk ladder

    We make the downstairs bed up first so they stand on that, not in its seat position. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Post your drive away awnings?

    Does the awning connecting strip interfere with the roof rack? Also, what ladder is that? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Awnings and roof-racks

    Going to Croyde next week and have recently fitted a roof rack...and just realised that the figure-of-8 clips that clip onto the gutter and normally hold the awning to the van, won't go on the gutter as the roof-rack legs/feet are in the way. Anyone got any suggestions/known workarounds? Sent...
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    Dormobile bunk ladder

    Never seen a ladder used before too get into the bunks. My kids always use the side unit/downstairs bed to get up, but they're 11 and 13 now. Had to help them up previous to that though. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Canvas replacement on 1971 Dormobile pop top

    I got mine done by Pete O'Connor at Space Roofs near Exeter. I drove down there, left the van with them a few days and then went to collect. Good thing is, he uses sail material which is completely water and wind proof and very durable and won't crack or split. I went for a plain grey but...
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    Dormobile roof position?

    Just hijacking this thread :D Anyone know if this is a Westie 3 bow roof rack...? it looks as though it fits on the rear of a standard Dormobile roof position
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    Steve's 1971 Dormobile

    Just browsing through some of my old posts so thought I'd update this one. I ended up pulling the old engine and stripping it with the intention of doing a rebuild. The case ended up being scrap though so I had to get a new one and had that bored out to accept 90.5mm barrels and pistons and...
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    Brighton Breeze 2019 - October 5th 2019

    I'm off to Hook Road/Epsom tonight. Green/White '71 Dormobile. Fancied a weekend away and not done a cruise for years. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Khyam Motordome Awning for sale

    Mine's on eBay at the moment:
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    1955cc engine spec

    It's been a while, but we're up and running again This was the first start so doing the cam burn. Few tweaks to timing, mixture and fan-belt tension since. Still got to get a new MOT before I can test in any anger. So far, so good though :D