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  1. Wannabay

    France camping - Sites on the West Coast

    we did this trip about 5 years ago and this summer are doing the reverse out via St Malo and return from Bilbao have a look at my thread below, I may be able to dig out the campsites if you want them
  2. Wannabay

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    Ps the polo is petrol and meets Euro 4 standards so is ULEZ exempt, similarly the scooter
  3. Wannabay

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    i live in SE London, just outside the CC but inside the ULEZ and LEZ and have a 1971 bay, a 2010 VW polo and a Honda 125 scooter CC - no exemptions except for residents living within the CC, so you have to pay if you enter the zone. All roads in are camera monitored. Times of operation have...
  4. Wannabay

    Front seats, pict34 carb, ss exhaust

    That’s a shame, we were in Lewes at weekend for a wedding, now in Sicily for a week, I’ll pm you on return and we’ll sort something
  5. Wannabay

    Front seats, pict34 carb, ss exhaust

    carb and seats gone, still have exhaust, whereabouts are you?
  6. Wannabay

    Front seats, pict34 carb, ss exhaust

    For sale, will take offers, selling for a mate pair front seats, black vinyl covers, no rips but could do with re-padding, from LHD van but these seats are not handed, I know because my old front seats (RHD) slotted into my mates LHD van, just swap the driver and passenger seats over - £150...
  7. Wannabay

    71 Danbury

    it was 'drive your car' day today with the local classic car club around north Kent, some interesting cars, a real ex met police Jag S type, ford falcon, Riley (conked out a couple of times but we got it going again) , tiny seat 600 (oil leak and prone to overheating), 2 CV (fun watching it...
  8. Wannabay

    My very original 1970 Dormobile 68000 miles

    Nice van, and great work by Brickfield! It's 10 years ago now that Phil, then based at Selhurst (great club Crystal Palace) completely restored my van from a much worse state than yours, and, apart from a few bubbles, it looks as good as it did then, cost a fair bit more than yours though! the...
  9. Wannabay

    71 Danbury

    Just installed a pair of Suffolk seats from Newton Commercial, thanks to Mike for his help and advice, just need a trip to try them out
  10. Wannabay

    How long have you owned your current bus?

    I've had mine since 2006, a sort of mid life crisis after the biblical deluge at Glasto 2005, and vowing never to camp at a festival again!
  11. Wannabay

    71 Danbury

    Mike, hi, coincidentally I've just booked a reverse trip, Portsmouth - St Malo out, Bilbao - Portsmouth return, next summer, using a credit we had from last year, going to head for Ile D'Oleron again for a week, 2nd week yet to decide but further south Some pics of 2016 trip we arrived...
  12. Wannabay

    Wanted Early Bay rev counter unit

    just kampers sell them...........for a price
  13. Wannabay

    1970 danbury interior

    Mine was an original Danbury but I've long swapped the old interior out and sold it on However I do have a couple of pics that may help a bit; interior wall fixing wasn't a hinge as far as I can remember I may still have the old table, need to rummage around in the garage
  14. Wannabay

    Sound deadening panels engine bay

    I got mine from Rackhams 2 years ago,sturdy and good fit ; they're advertised on ebay under "VW camper engine boards" I also replaced the ancient sound deadening material with Noise killer lead sandwich
  15. Wannabay

    Interior options

    I have a 71 danbury that came with the original interior, allowing any number of permuations for seating and bedding down, a natty fold away cooker and even a bottle rack, but precious little storage and which also required piecing together various bits of wood and cushions, not good at the end...
  16. Wannabay

    Deluxe trim

    I got stainless steel trim from ISP west in 2012 for my bus and it's still bright and shiny today
  17. Wannabay

    2008 Calendar

    And I have my calendar and van too, January sierra yellow/pastel white, think it was our first trip after buying it in spring 2007, Isle of Wight early morning mist, much changed now but still cherished and used
  18. Wannabay

    I need a reversing light...

    and pic of bracket/light on bumper
  19. Wannabay

    I need a reversing light...

    Coda, you're in luck, I'll pm you
  20. Wannabay

    I need a reversing light...

    the brackets were made by a guy on here years ago, i may have a spare set as i was thinking at the time i would also mount spots at the front but i've not done so and doubt i will now, i'll have a look tomorrow and let you know