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  1. ozziedog


    This is my little bus, and how he’s looking at the moment.
  2. ozziedog

    Lovely Jubbly.

    Had a great day yesterday with forty five to fifty neighbours, a zillion children and about a dozen dogs. Closed the street off and had tunes and a fabulous singer press ganged into it but what a voice. Ozziedog,,,,,,,, thats me in the rather large red T shirt
  3. ozziedog

    Internal Server Error

    Does anybody else keep getting this when trying to access different bits of the forums? Sometimes I’m struggling to get access to anything at all. Or is it my iPad? It also makes me log in just about every time I come on here too or is that my IPad too. Ozziedog,,,,,,, or is it just me. :mrgreen:
  4. ozziedog


    Has we been locked down this morning everybody’s? I haven’t been able to get on here until just now :shock: Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,or just me somehow :mrgreen:
  5. ozziedog

    Motor ?

    Any type 1 motors out there??? Type 4 available as part of a deal possibly :P :shock: :P Ozziedog…….old motors who’d want them :mrgreen:
  6. ozziedog

    What Oil ? ? ?

    I’m a multi flavour advocate for the last couple of decades and thought I had it all sussed with what to use etc etc. In my motor, I’m using 15/40 or similar and have used Halfords own and a couple of others but I thought Halfords was pretty good but when the Wilko one was on spesh, I got some...
  7. ozziedog

    Wheel Alignment Front.

    Just checked my front wheel alignment after changing my spindles and mucking about with the front end and the back for that matter. I’ve made a piece of wood to check my alignment. Did my camber first and the front a heads were pretty much spot on. So I’ve got two beer crates the same size and...
  8. ozziedog

    Vapour Trails

    I’m sat here on the patio, shorts and T shirt, a couple of packets of Wotsits have bit the dust and I’m smashing out a rather nice bottle if Koru which is a nice and cheap Sauvignon Blanc from the shores of New Zealand and I’m watching the world fly by. Now the vapour trail when it’s left has...
  9. ozziedog

    F.A.O. Johnny

    Hi Johnny, can I pop up a ‘For Sale’ to try and move these tyres on please. They’re so big, I can’t fit in the garage, one of us is gonna have to go :shock: Ozziedog,,,,,,,, ta bud.
  10. ozziedog

    Easy Outs

    Anybody know of any good ones or ones to avoid? :roll: :roll: :roll: I’m in the middle of raising my old bay up a tad and feeling a little deflated as it seems to be going Pete Tong and worserer. Got the front up and it looked so so weird with his ass down a couple of splines and the front...
  11. ozziedog

    Cheapso torque

    Apparently Lidl are doing a cheapso torque wrench for twenty quid :shock: :shock: :shock: Might be just the ticket for some peeps that only need them very very occasionally. I’d still do the maths though and check it a couple of times on stuff you know :mrgreen: Most of them should be...
  12. ozziedog

    Family quiz.

    We’ve been having one of our family zoom meetings once a week as a quiz for quite a while now perhaps a year. Everyone prepares five questions on the subject predetermined by last weeks winner :mrgreen: This was great for a while then gradually peeps got bored with suggestions on topics etc so...
  13. ozziedog

    Carpet fitting

    Anyone know about fitting over click lock flooring with carpet? Long story short , it’s decorated and now the floors too cold Ozziedog,,,,,,,,help :mrgreen:
  14. ozziedog

    Wot Chya Gottttt?

    Merry Jingley Bells everybods :P :P :P So,,, Wot Chya Got ? For those that don’t know or only speak one language, translated that is ,,What Have You Got in the language of Chrimbo morning and eating lots of chocolate :P :lol: :P. I know it’s almost impossible to believe, but...
  15. ozziedog

    Concrete Cancer at its finest.

    Some of you guys know, that I’ve been toying with the idea of raising my bus back to stock height perhaps even a tad more :shock: The main reasons for doing this are the very poor condition of my reversed ballljoints, one would’ve fallen out if I’d had my fifteen inch wheels on, but it stayed...
  16. ozziedog


    I’ve finally got some giants and they looks gert lush, I’ll smack these down tonight with a nice little New Zealand savvy b. :P :P :P Ozziedog,,,,,,, I may not be allowed shopping privileges for some time :mrgreen: :( :lol: :( :mrgreen:
  17. ozziedog


    Just thought I’d mention this new phenomenononon ‘’’ Wotsits Giants’’’ Ozziedog,,,,,,,The world may now be a perfect place :mrgreen:
  18. ozziedog

    New seats ???

    I’ve just come across a pair of Mazda MX5 fabric seats with great big silly high backs / headreasts :mrgreen: <<< if only :lol: I was driving for about seven or eight hours the other week with about a half hour or an hour break and I must say I was absolutely cream crackered at the end of it...
  19. ozziedog

    Warming fuel Looks like maybe a extra five ponies :msn4: Ozziedog,,,,,,,, Sent by Joey to me. ;)
  20. ozziedog

    Role Call !!!

    Thought it might be a poignant moment to have a bit of a role call and find out how it’s going around the country and indeed around the world :mrgreen: I’m in Bristol UK and I’m still working because I’m now an Asda delivery driver for just over two years or so :P Mrs Ozziedog is on furlough...