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  1. ozziedog

    Fuel tank sender-Vw T2

    I like the sound of the Buttys bits one! ;) Cutting a hole shouldn’t be a mahoosive issue especially if you used a straight edge that would also limit your grinder penetration but I’d check smelly fuel pipes first. Then simply glue a patch a bit bigger over it. It’s not like you’re gonna be...
  2. ozziedog


    I use two beer crates the same size and park up on a level ish bit of concrete. Put the beer crates at the rear of the front tyres and measure between the two tyre sidewalls. Move the crates and measure at the front of the front tyres . Cut a piece of wood to this rough dimension, it should be...
  3. ozziedog

    Roof thermomats

    I’ve seen exterior types, the same or similar to the one that I have and my top is a Devon off a late bay. My pop top canvas cover is bright yellow and insulated. Mine came from Rainbow and they did me a nice one for the cab and the back window. I’ve also got Insumalated cushion /curtains that...
  4. ozziedog

    Steering box LHD, replacement parts

    Give Graham a call over at Midland Early Bay for a refurbed steering box as he is one of the few if not the only one that has refurb boxes. Ozziedog,,,,,,,good stuff tooooo !:)
  5. ozziedog

    The nerdiest parts ever.

    I bet they’re faster!!!! Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,AND,, stainless steel :)
  6. ozziedog


    Great introduction, start off with a fab piccie. That’s exactly how to do it and exactly what we want :) Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,and THAT is how it’s done peeps :cool:
  7. ozziedog

    Vent plate differences?

    Same here ^^^ what he said. The only difference I knew of was that regular vans and busses had a grill vent there but panel vans had a blanking plate a bit like the radio blanking plate but different size . My blanking plate does from memory look to be a bit narrower than the one in your...
  8. ozziedog

    Parts in France

    Hope everyone was unscathed as the van can always be fixed. Those look like some rather large muthers of hail stones, the foliage seems to have taken a proper battering too. Luckily you had a laminated screen as a toughened one would have been shredded by that amount of impacts...
  9. ozziedog

    Vw71 bay r/h/d

    Hiya Buggy, if you turn your passenger seat over as in the picture, you’ll see that just behind where the cord is tied off, there is a bar as such hidden by the seat back cover. It’s exposed at each end but only about a half an inch or possibly less , if you look carefully you’ll see wear...
  10. ozziedog

    Slow starting

    Just to take a slightly different approach, try popping a capful of petrol down the carb before you try and start it, then see how it starts. Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, then we have a point to start at.:)
  11. ozziedog

    Replacing the handbrake cable tube

    Hiya, mines a 1970 UK RHD panel. Mine has got brackets on the torsion tube too. So mine exits the side of the chassis rail, then goes through the out rigger and the end finishes up almost plumb vertically with the rear of the torsion tube within 10mm. Edit,,,,,,,same both sides. Ozziedog...
  12. ozziedog

    Devon roof cap

    Looks great Gary. That’s been my ethos the whole time as it was mainly the flatish roof and that huge gasket that ruined the recipe and made it one of the leakiest roofs about. It may even be lighter than stock, it’d be interesting to get them on the scales. But definitely lighter than an...
  13. ozziedog


    YUP, Finish this little bit of mucking about with the interior and insulating malarkey then drive for the rest of the summer. I’m thinking maybe drive loads this summer because the way it’s going , we may not be able to afford petrol prices next year to go anywhere :unsure:. A word of warning...
  14. ozziedog


  15. ozziedog


    The list of to dooos gets longer all the time. So don’t go telling me off as I know I know I know. Propex gas central heating , brand new still in the box and never fitted, bought with a group buy on this very site maybe ten years ago, still sat on a shelf in the garage.:rolleyes: Fire...
  16. ozziedog


    Still sporting a little leapardytosis. Gurt big mee roars and a spline lift on the ass end, a tad raise of half an inch ish on the front courtesy of repurposing the coil overs used back in the lowering process. Maxis fourteen inch Worm Drive All Terrain tyres on stock steelies painted with Lidls...
  17. ozziedog


    This is my little bus, and how he’s looking at the moment.
  18. ozziedog

    Which Fuel do you use?

    Good nudge that. ;) I’ve stuck to my guns so far in that I’ve been only getting ten or twenty quids worth at a time as I’m not clocking up any miles. This in reality probably is about a glass and a half each top up so I’m gonna rename my van as Cadbury:p. As with everything that i do nowadays...
  19. ozziedog

    Engine question…

    Just had an alternative thought, possibly have a look at your brakes and wheel bearings or even your drive shafts. :unsure: Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,, a thought just outside the standard envelope :);):)
  20. ozziedog

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    I try and stay away from places .like London . I’ve no idea of any of these schemes I’m afraid, as it’s been the best part of a decade or more since I’ve been there and paid for the CC zone thingy in my daily car. Hopefully, someone more local will pop along and know a little more...