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  1. Clem

    Camper Jam Weston's Park 1st - 3rd July

    Since the last Camperjam a lot has changed. Jazz Publishing/Events dropped the air cooled bus magazine (VWC&C) at short notice so there are no ‘connections’ with the event now. I don’t know how club camping will work, I think if you can blag it into SSVC then do so, they are always keen to...
  2. Clem

    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    B&W showground is ok in wet weather , they first used it in 2016 when they could no longer get vehicles on site safely due to the mud. That said , as I packed up that year I watched loads of modern rented fwd motor homes wheelspinning into the ground . I started my camper up and drove straight...
  3. Clem

    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    No trading this year as the stall business has been retired :( We are just there as regular punters this time so looking forward to more free time. Weather look promising! :D
  4. Clem

    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    Hi I don't think the car parks are particularly at risk from theft etc. A lot of the bad reputation is from the olden days, its a different place completely now. That said, loads of people and loads of opportunists, so take reasonable precautions. West camping has been changed now to a...
  5. Clem

    Fuel Hose and Filter recommendation

    I just bought hose from here - Quality hose and fast delivery. Prices seem to be fairly standard.
  6. Clem

    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    Gutted to see this, really hope you get home ok and it all gets sorted. Without flogging a dead horse - insurance, breakdown and all other admin needs double checking since the UK exit from the EU. Take nothing for granted. (FFS :( )
  7. Clem

    Rear seat belt riser

    Near side rear seat belt mount riser. Light fitting marks only. As new condition. £117 @ Heritage, so £95 plus post?
  8. Clem

    Looking for our old family 1968 VW Camper

    A vehicle reg of that age can have 1, 2 or 3 numbers before the age related final letter.
  9. Clem

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    I thought a 40 yr old vehicle was exempt from all charges? It’s French registered I assume? Id assume that would make the whole thing a bit easier as they may not be arsed chasing a foreign registered van anyway? And, yeah, you won’t want to drive it about much. In, out and use public transport...
  10. Clem

    Reconditioned carbs/distributors

    'Rage' is the man I beleive
  11. Clem

    Stonor Park Show (Camping) - 25/26 June 22

    Message below from the ABVWC regarding camping at this years Stonor Park VW Show - Hi all We have this evening finally gained agreement from Stonor Park management to provide a priority link for pre-booking camping on Saturday 25th June, ready for the Stonor VW show on Sunday 26th. Since...
  12. Clem

    Classics at the Clubhouse 19 June 2022

    Not used that site, just did a search for you :) I didn’t get an air cooled ticket in time so not sure I’ll go now …
  13. Clem

    Classics at the Clubhouse 19 June 2022

    Advance tickets guaranteeing access to the golf course in an air-cooled are now sold out. If you buy a general admission ticket they will try to get you on the course where and when possible (in an air-cooled vehicle).
  14. Clem

    Classics at the Clubhouse 19 June 2022

    Pitch Up website is showing this -
  15. Clem

    Machine 7 Closed.

    Just a heads up. Sadly Machine 7 have closed. A great business in the scene for many years. Sad to see them go. Thanks to the team for the service over the years.
  16. Clem

    Anyone going upto Volksworld on the Friday?

    Best guess would be March 25/26. It was earlier than usual this year. But, that’s just speculation.
  17. Clem

    Classics at the Clubhouse 19 June 2022

    Great one dayer coming up. Advance booking required. Be advised - its Fathers Day.
  18. Clem

    Custom and commercial

    The code PLAT22 will get you 10% this weekend. Its active now.
  19. Clem

    Which Fuel do you use?

    I wasn’t using the term ‘just petrol’ in a literal way. Just reflecting that I didn’t find anything different to when I’ve drained 2 star, 4 star, LRP and unleaded fuel. Tech advise and info can be presented in a casual manner sometimes.
  20. Clem

    Which Fuel do you use?

    Lived experience. I last filled my van up with E10 in September last year. In April I drained the tank and put the fuel in my Audi. It ran perfectly. No signs of anything untoward in tank or fuel pipes. I reckon its literally 'just petrol'. I just bought a load of posh new fuel hose for my van...