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    Roll over fuel breather valve alternative?

    Hi guys, does anyone have an alternative to the roll over, fuel/air seperator valves fitted to the breather pipes on a '72 bay. They are located in the rear quarter panels and can be seen from the air inlet vents. The pipe going from the valve canister to the engine bay has rusted through and...
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    New bay jack bag and tool roll

    Hi all, I wanted an original style tool roll for my bay and looked around the web at was was available today. I found some way overpriced stuff imported from the states but could make better myself for far less. The original tool rolls are mostly fallen to bits or missing from bays and i've...
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    '72 Crossdresser indicator function

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me if the main beam staying on is a function of the indicator stalk/switch or the relay? My indicator switch broke and ive repaired the broken plastic and rebuilt the unit. Now the indicators work and the main beam flashes but will not stay on. MOT due soon and a new...
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    Hi all, Genuine VW '72 Crossover Indicator stalk needed as mine has broken.

    VW Part No. 211953513J On the switch body itself: SWF-HLS 69 SAE QB 71 Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    early bay foglight switch needed

    hi, i'm looking for a genuine functioning foglight switch for my 72 crossover, in the uk.
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    Foglight wiring correct colours

    hi, i'm fitting a foglight and wanted to use the correct wiring colours. does anyone know what they are or has anyone got the factory optional fogs on their bay and could maybe have a look. i know this option was on new late bays but someone may have retro-fitted the kit. any help much...