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    Reconditioned carbs/distributors

    I’m looking for someone selling reconditioned genuine solex carbs. Also reconditioned Bosch distributors. Or someone who reconditions them close to Sheffield. I’ve been recommended to look at a Weber carb to replace the standard solex, but not sure what or where to look. Any info appreciated.
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    Engine question…

    Hard to describe, but what could be causing a jerking sensation when driving, eg every second? Not so noticeable when accelerating, but say if cruising with slight accelerator it’s a general jerking in time to the engine? All clearances set, new points and condenser and plugs and all tuned.
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    Quick wiring question

    I have a blue & white striped spade terminal wire hanging in the cab by fuse box. Can see on wiring diagram it comes from light switch. Nothing isn't working, but what should it do?
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    Door seals

    Just got a replacement door seal, a vewib, how do people normally attach, and where do you glue? Also which glue do you recommend? Cheers!!
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    Diesel heater fitting

    I am looking into fitting a diesel heater. We have a Devon moonraker so could fit in either a side cupboard or under the rear seat. Is there any way I could duct the heat into the big tube at the back of the bus? What would we do with where the heat exchanger connects or would we have to cut...
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    Silly screw question

    So, have had the whole of the front of the van resprayed, new panel etc etc. The screws I specifically bought for the front grill have scraped the sides of the fins in the air vent, causing tiny rust spots so needs touching up. Are there any other stainless screws that have a slightly smaller...
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    Replacement engine lid

    I’m looking for a replacement engine lid. Ours is a ‘72 crossover, so a late lid & rear. Thought I’d ask on here if anyone is selling one? Cheers Andrew.
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    Earlybay front badge

    Can someone point me in the right direction of where to find a decent quality 68-72 VW emblem. Can’t see any stock available on the usual suspects sites? Ta :msn4:
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    Window seals

    Been searching the web for good quality window seals. Been recommended to get West Coast Metric. Heritage no stock, anyone know who else stocks, or better recommendations? Viewib recommended too but not sure. Cheers.
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    Simple electrical question.

    Rear light problem Right indicator dim and slower than left side, lights on, press brake and right back light goes off. Just a case of cleaning contacts for lights? Cheers!
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    Blowing Fuse

    Just need a clue at to where to start looking. Recently a dues blows when starting the van. 72 crossover. Somethimes have to hold ignition for it to start to turn over. Today hold, nothing happens but then the fuse pops, tried 3 times. Could it just be a dead or dying starter motor?
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    Slight juddering

    Driving today, the van is feeling to be juddering, mainly noticeable when accelerating in 3rd or 4th, stops when dropping down a gear, or prob less noticeable. Not sure what it is. Recently gone back to points & condenser & had carb cleaned. Andrew.
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    Cutting out when hot

    Standard 1600 engine with electronic ignition, when on a long run and engine is hot, is does a few coughs, then when coming to a stop everything dies, and won’t restart until sat for a while, then takes a while to start again, but then fine for a bit. Any ideas? Thinking distributer?
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    Which fuel

    What fuel do people put in their busses? Thinking ethanol content etc.... standard 1600 crossover.
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    Wing mirrors

    What are the best quality wing mirrors to buy for a T2 these days? Always used to be Hagus. Thanks!
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    1600 Vacuum diagram

    Is this the correct setup for the vacuum lines? My 'D' goes to T piece My green one goes to 'C' E, A, B are not connected. Cheers Andrew..
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    Question for Devon owners

    Having replaced and renovated my concertina roof, new seals etc, when it rains I get black streaks on the white part of the devon roof from the J seals. Anyone else have this, or know how to deal with it? Eg silicone spray etc. Second question, anyone have a good quality pic of the Devon...
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    Wipers wiring

    Ive looked into this before but not managed to sort. Wipers work fine on both speeds but don't stop at the rest position, so have to stop the switch (on the dash) at the right time. Have checked the earth which is most common fault, what else can I look at? Cheers!!
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    Creaking & groaning steering

    When moving slowly the steering creaks badly, what has worn out? There's also a knocking when going over a bad surface in the road.
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    Front door waterproof membrane

    Just about to replace my door cards with new TMI cards. Has anyone got any pics of the way they have designed the waterproof membrane to direct water back into the door. Thank you!!