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    Twin Battery LCD display

    Good Afternoon Gangsters! So heres a quick one... Im looking at installing an lcd or something like that, that shows the %charge left in the car battery and the leisure battery. If i can switch it on from the unit thats a huge plus as i dont want it on permenatly. What have you got? What have...
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    Silicone Heat exchanger pipes!

    Hi Guys n gals, Just wondering if this is even possible due to the heat a proximity of the exhaust, but has anyone ever used the high heat silicone pipes from heat exhangers? Is this even possible? what are your thoughts? has it been done or is it just a massive no! you can get some uber high...
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    Fuel Cap Replacements

    Morning you lucky people! Just wondering what experiences people have had with replacement fuel caps? My original one got stolen (Yea thanks fpor that!) and i have now one of the locking stainless ones, which quite frankly is the biggest ball ache to get to stay on and lock, especially when...
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    Bristol auto electricians

    Hey lovely peeps! Anyone one know a good mobile auto electrician in the Bristol area? Got a few elec issues I need to sort 😎 To be fair doesn’t have to be mobile but would help 😎
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    Weird lights on fault???

    A question, to the group. Got a weird new fault, when the engine is not on, the bus lights turn off and on all round as normal. When I start the engine without the lights on, the rear lights come on??? Drivers side brighter than the passengers?? Any ideas? Sounds a bit weird earthy to me? 😎
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    Happy Christmas ya filthy animals!

    A huge Happy Christmas to all in earlybay land! May all your buses get you to where you want to go in 2019 :mrgreen: Catch you after Christmas. :party0041: Easy :)
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    Karnmann Gipsy Wanted

    Hi campers!! does anyone have a Kamann Gipsy T3 they fancy selling me or a part exchange with my earlybay?! :shock: would like a petrol RHD one and in awesome condition! This is my bus....
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    Bay on Fire

    Just got back from a week or so in Cornwall, on the way down on Sunday at around midday of the 16th I saw a beige earlybay on fire :( was it anyone on heres? Looked to be totally fried, really hope everyone was okay...
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    Happy Christmas!!!!

    Happy Christmas everyone! Hope that you all have a great one and santa brings you many rust free things in the post :party0009: :party0041: :bliss: :mrgreen:
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    Massive Thanks!!!!

    Huge thanks to the dood, who stopped on the M5 yesterday to see if i was okay? I didnt get your name but you had a maroon/cream coloured early bay i think, with roof racks on, going northbound near the A361 junction. Really appreciated, luckily it was a relatively easy fix once i had worked out...
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    Buses with white roofs - Gutter up!

    Hi Guys n gals, please can you post up some pics of your buses with white roofs from the gutter up, so i can get some inspiration :mrgreen: 8)
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    Rear door seal

    Who does the best rear door seal? best quality & fit :mrgreen: Anyone got one that`s awesome recently? :mrgreen:
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    Powder coating wheels

    Hi guys n gals 8) Any one know a good place to get a set of 4 15inch steels blasted and powder coated? Within reasonable driving distance from Bristol or in Bristol would be awesome! I have been quoted £312 all in, but that seems a touch steep to me! Any ideas? thank you :mrgreen:
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    Wanted! Devon table legs and mounting brackets

    Anyone got any they wanna sell me :) or at least know where i can get some :mrgreen:
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    Camping Gaz cooker for sale

    Hi guys n gals, I have this lovely cooker for sale. Im only after £15 for it and will happily post it out for you :mrgreen: It doesnt have the action toasting tray any more but you can use anything really for this 8) Its the 2 hobs and a grill primed and ready with handy carry bag for you...
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    Throttle tube with roller!

    Hi Guys n gals, who sells these at the moment? i am having a blank :roll: They are the one with the throttle tube and the smaller roller on the end, to make things move smoothly 8) thank you in advance
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    EBI Tickets x 2

    Due to some friends not being able to make it, i have 2 tickets up for grabs. Let me know if you want them and i can post them out to you. Im only after £50 posted for the pair! 8)
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    15" Standard steel wheel wanted!

    Does anyone have a spare crows foot wheel (splitty wheel) that they want to sell me? it must be 15" doesnt need a tyre 8) Please! :mrgreen:
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    Speakers & Amps!

    Hi guys n girls, i have some of my stereo gear up for sale. All is in good working order and a bargain if your looking to help your buses have that little extra! Speakers & Tweeters - £30 for all! Edge 400 watt amp! - £30 Push along your large bass speakers with this cheeky amp, perfect...
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    Ultimate Storage Research

    Okay guys here goes! If there was an opportunity to store your van in a heated pristine location, where your van will always be fully charged with battery and fuel, servicing and MOTs would be kept of each van or car on record, so that its all carried out in perfect time and any checks etc...