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  1. andthepand

    Which Fuel do you use?

    Thanks for the replies, I love the humour ŷou guys bring to this site as well as all the incredible supportive info. I will go for the normal unleaded then. It may be all in my mind but I do think that having used different fuels from different suppliers and even different countries, it can make...
  2. andthepand

    Which Fuel do you use?

    Hi All. Up until recently I was using Esso Super Supreme just because it was ethanol free. Esso have now discontinued this and introduced a 99RON replacement which does contain up to 5% ethanol. I have a stroker engine with 40 IDF Webers. I know some carb manufacturers recommend higher RON rated...
  3. andthepand

    westfalia window £120

    Hi. I’m interested in a pane. Is it PPG original? Do you have a price? I guess posting may be a little dodgy? Are you going to dubfreeze? Cheers.
  4. andthepand

    Hoover tin wanted

    I bought it from the company below, recommended by a few people here. Its well made and was around us$33 inc postage. I have a different van now so no longer needed. Check it out and if you fancy it, pop me an offer..?
  5. andthepand

    Hoover tin wanted

    I have a brand new one, not OG but never used. You need a pic?
  6. andthepand

    Agreed Value and Cherished Insurance

    I thought I would share my story if anyone's interested. Last year I too have had the unfortunate experience of having to claim against my Insurance Company for a fire, and so my heart goes out to you typre2tattoo and you are certainly right to warn everyone of the pitfalls. You have really had...
  7. andthepand

    Wanted - Westy / Louvre Window single pane of glass

    I'm the latest to join the gang that has smashed a pane of glass while refurbishing the window! :oops: Anyone have a decent single PPG glass pane? I am in Newport, South Wales and I am guessing that posting is going to be difficult... Thanks, Steve
  8. andthepand

    Fitting silent gliss curtain track" onclick=";return false; Hey, I got mine at this place while I was there camping They also offered to fit or deliver, the owners are a lovely couple who I think do attend some of the shows. Although I guess you can now Google too. I...
  9. andthepand

    WTD Devon rear hammock fittings" onclick=";return false; A few pics down...
  10. andthepand

    WTD Devon rear hammock fittings

    dude, theres a guy selling what you are looking for over on vzi.... if you need a hand, just ask, i have the devon hammocks in my camper
  11. andthepand

    Top Quality Reproduction parts, anyone?

    I have recently found out how impossible it is to get the front tinware (over the gearbox) for a 1970 twin port! Without taking out a second mortgage...
  12. andthepand

    Original 205T Distributor for sale

    Will split if anyone is interested?
  13. andthepand

    Original 205T Distributor for sale

    Hi. This is a vac advance only distributor. Theres lots of info here and on The Samba etc. Thanks.
  14. andthepand

    Original 205T Distributor for sale

    Here is my distributor, an original 205T. I bought it as a fully refurbished distributor from the well known US trader on The Samba, Tim Bargny, also known as tasb. I bought it to match a refurbished Solex carb, but unfortunately my engine died before I got chance to fit either of them. I have...
  15. andthepand

    Original Solex 30 pict 2, Refurbished by Cogbox

    Here is my 30 pict 2 carb, Original to an Early Bay. I sent it to Pete at Cogbox for refurbishment. If you havent heard of him just search, he is a legend. Unfortunately, while it was with Pete, my engine died. I have now upgraded to a 1641 engine and this carb doesnt fit. The refurb was...
  16. andthepand

    Wanted. Cut off solenoid for a solex 30 pict 2

    Hi Must be a working one please! Mine has 1747 stamped into it and is for a 1970 solex 30 pict 2 carb, the one that is combined with the 55 pilot jet. Thanks