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  1. VeeDubMan

    Replacing a Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beam - choices

    I've had one of the original Red 9 Design EZ Rider front beams on my '71 for the past 12 years or so. It was the 2"-4" drop version. It gives a nice ride quality with an uprated anti-roll bar too, but at the last MOT, I had discussions with the tester about some travel in the trailing arms...
  2. VeeDubMan

    Rear brake drums (early vs late bay)

    Just stripped down my rear brakes on my '71 to try and figure out why the adjuster had to almost be wound out all the way for the shoes to be effective. There's plenty of material left on them so I can only assume an issue with the wheel cylinder. Got me thinking though, looking at the parts...
  3. VeeDubMan

    Awnings and roof-racks

    Going to Croyde next week and have recently fitted a roof rack...and just realised that the figure-of-8 clips that clip onto the gutter and normally hold the awning to the van, won't go on the gutter as the roof-rack legs/feet are in the way. Anyone got any suggestions/known workarounds? Sent...
  4. VeeDubMan

    Khyam Motordome Awning for sale

    Mine's on eBay at the moment:
  5. VeeDubMan

    Stock LuK clutch

    Stock clutch pressure plate and friction disc. I'm building a bigger engine so these are no longer required. Located in Reading. Prefer collection due to weight £45 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. VeeDubMan

    1584cc barrels and pistons

    Done around a couple of thousand miles on these stock b&p's. I'm upgrading to 90.5mm, so these are no longer required. Located in Reading. Prefer collection due to weight. £65 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. VeeDubMan

    Engle 100 camshaft and followers

    Engle 100 cam and followers, all labelled up to go back in the right order. Located in Reading, but can post at additional cost. £50 Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  8. VeeDubMan

    Can this engine case be rescued?

    I've just had my case cleaned in prep for a rebuild and this is how it has come out! :( The stock fuel pump was over-pressurising the 34 ICT's at one point so excess fuel was getting into the case. I'm wondering if this...
  9. VeeDubMan

    5x112 PCD JBW SMA Speedmaster ET20

    Looking to get a wheel with a better off-set than my current BRM's so I can run some more original (high wall than 65 profile) tyres on the rear. These look like a good option with an ET20...
  10. VeeDubMan

    1955cc engine spec

    Thinking of taking the plunge and building a small stroker motor as, fully loaded, my '71 Dormobile isn't too happy with those Devon hills! Currently, the engine is a 1584cc, Engle 100 cam, stock heads, cromoly push-rods, twin Weber 34ICT's, electric fuel pump + Filter King, stock 26mm...
  11. VeeDubMan

    Back-fire air-leak?

    Pretty sure I've got an air-leak on the left hand carb (twin 34ICT's). It was OK initially when installed but I was tuning and balancing things the other week and screwing in the mixture screw, there was absolutely no difference when I screwed the screw all the way in compared to being a few...
  12. VeeDubMan

    Red9 EZ Rider springs

    I've got the supposedly 2"-4" drop EZ Rider kit on my early bay but it's too low as the BRM's (with a bad ET offset) rub on the arches with 2 adults up front. So, I need to go a fraction higher. The springs on there at the moment are 10". Would 11" springs solve my issue or what other options...
  13. VeeDubMan

    Clutch biting point

    My biting point is right at the top of the pedal travel so I'm nearly taking my foot off the clutch pedal whenj changing gear. Am I right in thinking that tightening the cable will mean the biting point is then lower down? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. VeeDubMan

    Thermostat/flaps testing

    Just rebuilt my engine (1584cc, Engle 100, twin 34ICT's, electric fuel pump) and when I put the fan housing back on, I dabbed a bit of Tippex onto the end of the shaft that rotates when the flaps open (too much mention of shaft and flaps there :D ). This can be seen bottom right of the fan...
  15. VeeDubMan

    Biggest engine size with twin 34ICT's

    Currently got a 1641cc, Engle 100 cam, stock heads. If I look to increase capacity without spending mega bucks, what can I do if I keep the same carbs? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  16. VeeDubMan

    1641, 34ICT's - what jets?

    Got an issue with over-fueling as it looks like the stock pump delivers too much PSI to the 34 ICT's, so I'm fitting a regulator to sort that one. This seems to pretty well documented on several threads elsewhere. While I'm there, I'm going to check the jets that Eurocarb supplied in the...
  17. VeeDubMan

    Transporter Haus spring plates

    Just looking at getting some adjustable rear spring plates at What are 3" narrowed spring plates? Can't see how these would narrow the rear end without other things being narrowed too. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  18. VeeDubMan

    Dormobile bunk covers - what are the 2 turnlocks for?

    Just getting my bunks back in and can't for the life of me recall why there are two rows of turnlocks on the bunk covers. Take a look at for example. I know the 'unfinished' edge gets clamped by the plastic strip, the cover then goes over the bunk but then there are two rows of turnlock...
  19. VeeDubMan

    2 x Busfest 2015 tickets + family camping

    My van's not going to be ready and we're not camping in a tent again, so my tickets are up for grabs on ebay:
  20. VeeDubMan

    2 x Busfest 2015 tickets + family camping

    My van's not going to be ready and we're not camping in a tent again, so my tickets are up for grabs on ebay: