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  1. Middleton

    Westfalia Tap/Faucet Replacement

    Oh yes that would be perfect. It looks very neat. I don't think I can find one in the UK though!
  2. Middleton

    Westfalia Tap/Faucet Replacement

    Does anybody know of a satisfactory replacement for the early bay Westfalia tap/faucet? This was available for a while but they all appear to be sold out:
  3. Middleton

    Door Cards - Vapour Barrier Seal

    Thanks chaps. I'd like to warn you all off normal silicone. I've had a right game trying to get that shit off.
  4. Middleton

    Door Cards - Vapour Barrier Seal

    Hi chaps, When I removed the vapour barriers from behind my cab door cards, they were attached with a removable sealant that just peeled off. When I reattached the vapour barriers, I used normal silicone sealant which has been a bugger to remove since. I know that removable [peelable...
  5. Middleton

    WANTED - Westfalia Interior Door Handle

    Hello! Does anybody have a spare one of these handles, or know somebody who does? Thanks
  6. Middleton

    1971 Acoustic sound panels above engine

    Does anyone know what this original acoustic sound deadening is? Does it contain asbestos, for example? Maybe it would be worth replacing it with a modern equivalent. Has anybody does this?
  7. Middleton

    EMPI Trigger Shifter

    How many clicks does your handbrake require before it fully engages?
  8. Middleton

    Crossover Rear Bumper Wanted

    Yes I do, I just forgot I’d posted this topic lol
  9. Middleton

    continental bed

    The main baseboard is 1300 mm long x 970 mm wide x 15~16 mm thick The pillow-section baseboard is 280 mm long x 890 mm wide x 15~16 mm thick For more info:
  10. Middleton

    Crossover Rear Bumper Wanted

    Please let me know if you have one :)
  11. Middleton

    Clip on Mirrors

    I'd like to find larger door mirrors that would clip over the top of the originals. Does anybody know if anything like this is on the market?
  12. Middleton

    Fitting a Brazilian Brake Servo

    On one website, the servo and master cylinder are available together for £188 or separately for £144.90 (£89.95 + £54.95). Is there any advantage to buying them together?
  13. Middleton

    Fitting a Brazilian Brake Servo

    Ahhh that explains it! Thanks Al
  14. Middleton

    Fitting a Brazilian Brake Servo

    When fitting a Brazilian brake servo I thought the only additional work required was to adapt the mounting bracket (as described in Johnny's sticky: However, the following video shows a great deal more work involved...
  15. Middleton

    Vintage Speed Shifter - Berg wins!

    Why do you prefer the CSP?
  16. Middleton

    the best fuel pipe/hose?

    I'm currently looking into this as well, and I came across this interesting article which discusses Cohline 2240 fuel hose (100% ethanol resistant): I...
  17. Middleton

    Dull Headlights

    This is a pretty thorough article about upgrading headlights: By the way, the Ratwell website is a very good source of information. is another great resource with its gallery of photographs. If you need information quickly, it's always...
  18. Middleton

    WANTED - Fan Shroud to Heat Exchanger COVERS

    Hi, I need the little covers that go between the fan shroud and heat exchangers on both sides of a type 4 engine (left and right are different). Anyone got any knocking about? :D
  19. Middleton

    NEW Westy Jalousie window mozzy mesh sets, and tubing £10 posted

    Hi Alistair, I could do with a set of your mozzy mesh! :D
  20. Middleton

    Westfalia info

    Oh OK, the metal loop. Well, I'm not sure where you could get one of those from either, but here's a good image of it, again from TheSamba: