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    Brake pipe loose

    Heading off on a trip tomorrow so washing the van and found a loose brake pipe hose still attached to the wheel, but where does the other bit go? Neighbours kids have been messing about with the van as I found a monkey nut carefully placed up inside. With one cable loose, how safe is this to...
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    Replacing Mirror

    Hi, My little chrome retainer nut cracked when I was trying to fix a loose mirror. I've found a new nut and the little white gasket. My question is, when I unscrew the mirror arms to attach the new nut, what happens next? Is anything on the inside going to fall and get lost in the door card? Or...
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    Anti roll bars

    I was looking at a way to prevent motorway swerving in high winds and passing vehicles. Originally, I was thinking that Koni shocks would help, but I feel that maybe my money would be better spent on an anti roll bar instead? Shocks are more for up and down movement, rather than sideways is my...
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    Solex Restoration

    I am looking for someone to do a top quality restoration on a Solex 34 PICT 3 in the UK? I was going to order from Volksbitz in the USA, but I'm keen to get my hands on one within a month so that I can get this new engine in. Any specialists?
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    White knuckle driving

    Motorway driving when the wind speed is over 20mph isn't's very exposed across here in very flat East Angular. So, I'm going to go for broke and upgrade to brand new early bay Koni shock absorbers. Whilst I'm at it, what other bits should I replace to make this upgrade worthwhile...
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    Original tinware

    Is there anyone in the UK or Europe who specialises in complete sets of OG tinware?
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    Back to Stock

    I'm planning to whip out the rebuilt twin port 1776 with twin carbs and unknown alternator and try and get it back to stock as much as possible. I'm down a rabbit hole trying to source an air filter, manfold, stock fan housing... I'm looking at the idea of putting in a B code 1600 single port...
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    I have a rebuilt stock engine with Weber ICH twin carbs, but I'm not happy with the reliability of this set up. I'll probably go with a recon engine from the vw engine company with a single carb. I havent decided on the size of engine yet. If I go back to a stock W. German Solex, what are the...
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    Roof bunk restoration

    I'm trying to remember the name of a company based in the NW of England ( I believe) who specialised in the restoration of roof bunks? Can anyone help?
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    Ignition Key Won't Turn

    The little one was messing about with the steering wheel pretending to drive. I went to start the engine and turned the key a little to start the engine. For some reason, I started again, but this time the key would not turn at all. I tried turning the steering wheel to try and 'unlock' and...
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    Cab Bunk Bracket Screws

    Does anyone know the size of the screws which keep the Westy child cab bunk brackets in place? I need a few spares.
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    Underneath Squeaking

    I drove back in torrential rain and towards the end of the journey I heard some squeaking coming from underneath. I've taken the van out a couple of times since, it starts quiet, then gets really loud and a bit worrying...squeaking from all four corners I think? So CV boots, shocks, brakes or...
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    Trouble starting when hot

    Done a 200 mile trip down to the south coast this week. 6 hour journey fully loaded, 50-55 mph including 2-3 breaks at the services for 45 mins each. The van had trouble starting when the engine was still hot, turning over but not kicking in. I believe it's the fuel evaporating in the carbs...
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    Scored piston

    Newly rebuilt 1776 engine with 1600 miles on the clock loses all power on motorway. The engine has been stripped back to find a hole in the piston and light scoring on the rest of them. From what I understand this could have been caused by the carbs running rich, excess fuel washing away the...
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    Westfalia Roof Toggle

    I want to replace the exterior roof toggle at the front of my bus. Not sure why it was put there but maybe for increased safety? What do people have instead? Is there another clip available?
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    Engine trouble revving

    My rebuilt 1776 with 1200 miles on the clock just about made the journey home. Did about 2 hours on the motorway today at 55 - 60 mph, came off the motorway and stopped at the lights. The engine continued to roar as if it was still running at speed. Stopped the engine immediately and it wouldn't...
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    Seats styles.

    I have been having serious issues trying to get a standard TMI cover to fit my 1970 LHD driver's seat. Thought it might be easier to change seat instead. How many different seat styles are there for early models?
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    WANTED 14 inch Wide 5 steel wheel for spare.

    Need a spare wheel for my stock 1970 van. Must be in perfect condition, painted cloud white a bonus.
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    Wanted Sliding Door Inner Handle for Westy

    Looking for Part 16A, the longer styled handle to get round the Westy cool box.
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    Track Rod replacement

    Discovered today that I have a cracked near-side track rod. Looks like it might have been over tightened. It also looks as if it is a different length to the right hand side and is a different style. I have a standard stock set up so what length should that track rod be and what part am I...