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  1. andthepand

    Which Fuel do you use?

    Hi All. Up until recently I was using Esso Super Supreme just because it was ethanol free. Esso have now discontinued this and introduced a 99RON replacement which does contain up to 5% ethanol. I have a stroker engine with 40 IDF Webers. I know some carb manufacturers recommend higher RON rated...
  2. andthepand

    Wanted - Westy / Louvre Window single pane of glass

    I'm the latest to join the gang that has smashed a pane of glass while refurbishing the window! :oops: Anyone have a decent single PPG glass pane? I am in Newport, South Wales and I am guessing that posting is going to be difficult... Thanks, Steve
  3. andthepand

    Original 205T Distributor for sale

    Here is my distributor, an original 205T. I bought it as a fully refurbished distributor from the well known US trader on The Samba, Tim Bargny, also known as tasb. I bought it to match a refurbished Solex carb, but unfortunately my engine died before I got chance to fit either of them. I have...
  4. andthepand

    Original Solex 30 pict 2, Refurbished by Cogbox

    Here is my 30 pict 2 carb, Original to an Early Bay. I sent it to Pete at Cogbox for refurbishment. If you havent heard of him just search, he is a legend. Unfortunately, while it was with Pete, my engine died. I have now upgraded to a 1641 engine and this carb doesnt fit. The refurb was...
  5. andthepand

    Wanted. Cut off solenoid for a solex 30 pict 2

    Hi Must be a working one please! Mine has 1747 stamped into it and is for a 1970 solex 30 pict 2 carb, the one that is combined with the 55 pilot jet. Thanks
  6. andthepand

    Carb Trouble

    I have gone through two Brosol H30/31 carbs in the last 12 months. The original carb was not there when i bought her. I only have a 1600 SP, and on the last carb change switched from a 009 to a SVDA diizzy. She is a 68-70 devon model first registered april 1970. Does anyone know which carb...
  7. andthepand

    Wanted please: indicator cancelling ring

    This is the metal ring that screws onto the underneath of the steering wheel and has a tab sticking out that cancels the indicators. Thanks
  8. andthepand

    Wanted: solex carb jets

    I am after asap for a solex 30 pict 3 carb.. Idle jet 65 Power jet 65 I think they may be the same? Its for my 1970 Anyone? Thanks
  9. andthepand

    Wanted Outer Sliding Door Handle

    For a 68-70 bus, with an L key code. The size of the rectangular block (what the inner handle screws into) must be 9mm. I have bought one already but the block bit seems to be 7mm and so doesn't fit? Condition doesn't have to be perfect, but the tidier the better! Anyone got one? Thanks...
  10. andthepand

    Wanted - rear seat heater vents

    Anyone have anything? My 6 & 9 year old daughters nearly melted coming up the M5 yesterday!! The ones that go under the rear seat.... Thanks
  11. andthepand

    Wanted solex carb

    Anyone have a solex carb? Ideally a ready to go Solex H30/31 or i am told a34 pic 2 is also very suitable. I have a pre april 1970. Anyone have anything? Thanks
  12. andthepand

    Anyone clever with carbs?

    Help! I have a little dribble! just above the point circled there is a flat rivet connecting the hanger and mecahnism to a rod then onto to the butterfly valve (I think) and then out again and onto the spring lever and accelerator mechanism. it is all one piece. Some carbs i have seen have a...
  13. andthepand

    Wanted- horn plastic ring thing

    Wanted- one of these! Its the plastic ring that goes under the horn contact in the steering wheel. I am trying to get my horn working in the steering wheel instead of the annoying button i can never find on the dashboard! Thanks.
  14. andthepand

    Devon Roof Refurb

    Hi, the interior swimming pool is nice but cant be doing my van any good :cry: does anyone know someone who could refurb my Devon pop top, preferably south wales & west sort of area? Cheers, steve.
  15. andthepand

    headlining trimmers

    Please can anyone recommend someone to retrim a headlining for me, and any ideas how much i should be paying? ideally based cardiff, newport, bristol area thanks
  16. andthepand

    Devon Bunks, Vinyl Storage Covers

    Any of you Devon owners had any of these covers made up and can recommend anyone? The covers I mean are the ones that popper on to the side of your bus and store the bunks tidily to the side? thanks
  17. andthepand

    deluxe belt line trim - drilled!

    A quick post to say thanks for all your help with the trim, especially creationblue - thanks just, followed your pics exactly! had several visits to my uncle bryns workshop, yes, i have a real Uncle Bryn!! and there is nothing he cant engineer !! then i tried to develop the nerves to drill the...
  18. andthepand

    Deluxe Belt Line Trim - clips wanted

    i am the proud owner of some lovely belt line trim - thanks to nudsy82 !! cheers dude. well pleased. i am about 20 clips short :shock: while i am plucking up the courage to drill 40 holes in my pride & joy, does anyone have some original clips they dont want or can let go for a beer or two...
  19. andthepand

    keep your bus alive

    wanted - anyone got a copy of issues 1 & 2 of this magazine?
  20. andthepand

    Deluxe Belt Line Trim For Sale

    Bay Window Deluxe Belt-Line Trim For Sale A full set of 13 pieces I bought these recently on this forum. I have been advised that whilst these will fit any Bay Window, they may be for a 1972 only model? The difference probably wont bother many people, but so you know, the very last...