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  1. dubselector

    Fuel tank sender-Vw T2

    Or if your van is a crossover then Hayburner stock a removable option 🤔
  2. dubselector

    Fuel tank sender-Vw T2

    A H Schofields sell a panel which you can either weld on, or I made a rubber gasket for and used self tapers to screw it down. The panel was quite generous so trimmed it down to just cover hole with a margin for the gasket. Did have the engine out and firewall off at the time so I could see...
  3. dubselector

    Machine 7 Closed.

    Wow they will be missed ! Had a good few parts from them over the years and were always reliable for quality and delivery.
  4. dubselector

    How to fix down interior cabinets ?

    Thanks guys, I think I will go with a combination of all your ideas 💡 😀
  5. dubselector

    How to fix down interior cabinets ?

    Evening all, So finally saved up enough money for some new interior cabinets, but they require bolting to the floor. The problem I have is that I have is my bus has welded-on belly pans so I can't access the underneath to fit retaining nuts. Anyone got any clever ideas to get round this ? I...
  6. dubselector

    Progress Pics - Dormobile X-Over

    That drum has definitely had it. The inside should be smooth with no grooves in it to ensure maximum contact area with the shoe when braking. Grooves are caused by worn out shoes usually, used to happen a lot when brake linings were riveted on in the good old days. Ideally you should replace...
  7. dubselector

    Vw early bay rear break drums

    What year is your bus ? If its 71 model year onwards with 5 x 112 stud pattern the whole lot including back plates should fit. If it's before that with the wide 5 stud pattern 5x205 they won't. I'm pretty sure someone on this forum has even upgraded to T25 rear brakes.
  8. dubselector

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    As The KLF famously sang "It's grim up North" !
  9. dubselector

    Oil leak above oil pressure switch

    You need to make sure you have the switch with the tapered thread. Make sure you don't over tighten it. Schofields do them from memory.
  10. dubselector

    Engine bay insulation covers

    These guys make them and they are good quality and fit, used them on my 71:
  11. dubselector


    Wow, the sh1t's hit the pan ! Nothing like a good worm-can opening exercise to wake every one up :) Off now to kick a Hornet's nest
  12. dubselector


    My centre sections definitely welded too. M Plate checker says the pans were factory fit but I bet one of the previous "careful" owners sheared the bolts off and tacked it back on. There's been more names on the v5 than members of So Solid Crew !
  13. dubselector


    I have belly pans so had to pull rod from rear as no access to middle underfloor.
  14. dubselector


    Sparky is right, unless you have good bushes and coupler you will still get the "umbrella in a bucket of porridge" feel even if you have the best shifter on the market. Unfortunately you do have to pull the engine and lower the gearbox down to pull the rear shift rod out to access the...
  15. dubselector

    hot starting problem-coil

    I'm another one running a Bosch Blue with no problems 😃
  16. dubselector

    mud flaps

    It's working now, go to shop section, then Baywindow, then mudflap mounts :)
  17. dubselector

    Headlight not working

    Excellent news, hope it sails through the test now
  18. dubselector

    Headlight not working

    Don't forget to check the actual bulbs themselves - it's not that unusual that when one blows it blows the other one, or when you fit a new one on side the other one gives up - this is due to the filaments gradually burning away over time and getting thinner so even a small increase in current...
  19. dubselector

    Rear wheel bearings.

    When I fitted new drums and back plates to my 71 I found that the drums rubbed the back plates when the wheels were bolted up tight. I just removed drums and put a flat washer on each wheel stud then refitted drums on top - no more rubbing 😀
  20. dubselector

    Huco fuel pump

    I ran mine vertical with outlets at the top - now gone for a Carter rotary though so could mount it on chassis rail out of engine bay.