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    Crossover bumpers

    Looking to replace the very bent rear bumper on the '71 crossover bay, is there a specific bumper for the crossover and how does it differ from the earlier bumper? The bumper currently on appears to have extra fixing holes? The front bumper also seems to be in a bit of a state, so will need...
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    Leisure Battery

    Looking for leisure battery recomendations for out '72 crossdresser, the battery will be located under the spre wheel in the engine bay and be connected to a split charger (JK). we currently have a standard spare starter battery but would like something a bit more suitable. We also have a Solar...
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    Hob wiring

    Can anyone tell we the back wires are for and what they should be connected to? Everything appears to be going somewhere except the two rolled up.
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    Kitchen Unit Project

    Kitchen unit project for the T2 started, so far seems to be going to plan.
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    We are thinking of changing / upgrading the gearstick on the '72 bay any recommendations?
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    Kitchen unit / Gas vents

    We are hoping to add a kitcen unit to the T2 and was looking for advice regarding gas vent, I assume there should be one in the gas locker (for 907 bottle) and another below the hob? I am guessing they need to pass through the floor and belly pans which look like they are welded on? Seems wrong...
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    Pedal / Cab Belly Pan

    My wifes '72 bay is missing the cab belly pan / pedal cover, there seems to be 2 types an early and late type? im assuming the early is for pre 69 busses but am not totally sure, which one is right for the '72 crossover? Early? Late? Many thanks
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    Volks Weald - Penshurst (Kent) - 12th - 14th of July

    Volks Weald Penshurst 12th - 14th of July Anyone planning to go to this or been in previous years?