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  1. Middleton

    Westfalia Tap/Faucet Replacement

    Does anybody know of a satisfactory replacement for the early bay Westfalia tap/faucet? This was available for a while but they all appear to be sold out:
  2. Middleton

    Door Cards - Vapour Barrier Seal

    Hi chaps, When I removed the vapour barriers from behind my cab door cards, they were attached with a removable sealant that just peeled off. When I reattached the vapour barriers, I used normal silicone sealant which has been a bugger to remove since. I know that removable [peelable...
  3. Middleton

    WANTED - Westfalia Interior Door Handle

    Hello! Does anybody have a spare one of these handles, or know somebody who does? Thanks
  4. Middleton

    Crossover Rear Bumper Wanted

    Please let me know if you have one :)
  5. Middleton

    Clip on Mirrors

    I'd like to find larger door mirrors that would clip over the top of the originals. Does anybody know if anything like this is on the market?
  6. Middleton

    Fitting a Brazilian Brake Servo

    When fitting a Brazilian brake servo I thought the only additional work required was to adapt the mounting bracket (as described in Johnny's sticky: However, the following video shows a great deal more work involved...
  7. Middleton

    WANTED - Fan Shroud to Heat Exchanger COVERS

    Hi, I need the little covers that go between the fan shroud and heat exchangers on both sides of a type 4 engine (left and right are different). Anyone got any knocking about? :D
  8. Middleton

    Westfalia Sink Cover/Table

    Has anybody made one of these? £100 seems a bit pricey and I was wondering if anybody had the dimensions for it? I'm also missing the support. If...
  9. Middleton

    WANTED - Type 4 thermostat bracket/pulley and other bits...

    Hi guys, I need a few bits and I thought I'd pop a list up on here and see anyone has anything! - Type 4 thermostat bracket with the bolts/nuts (including union nut) - Type 4 thermostat (I have a type 1 thermostat that might be OK, but if you have a type 4 one that might be better) -...
  10. Middleton

    Filling/Covering Holes

    Hi chaps! I have two holes in my interior that I would like to hide. I removed two garish speakers from them and I was wondering what to cover them up with... I am thinking of putting a clock over one and maybe a mirror over the other. I'd prefer something other than a mirror but I can't think...
  11. Middleton

    Brake Servo/Booster - Replace or Recondition?

    I think my brake servo needs reconditioning. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, can it only be done by a specialist? If it can't be done, do you think a functional secondhand replacement would be better than a new one?
  12. Middleton

    Westfalia Roof Seals

    I've just put a new roof-to-rack seal on my Westfalia roof but it looks larger than the original seal that I have seen in photos. I think the original size looks better but I haven't got a close up photo of one to see what they look like. Has anyone got a photo they could show me please? :)...
  13. Middleton

    1972 Crossover Indicator Stalk

    I've just discovered that my indicator stalk is a one year only item and unfortunately mine is broken (the white plastic piece inside is shattered). Has anybody come up with a neat solution to either fixing them or installing a hidden alternative? I know you can modify an aftermarket earlier...
  14. Middleton

    1972 Westfalia - Sierra Yellow

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, and new to Volkswagens as well, so I thought I'd show you my Westfalia (and introduce myself)! My name is Ben, I'm 25 and I bought this 1972 sierra yellow T2 about three weeks ago from London (I live in Staffordshire/West Midlands). The van is completely solid...
  15. Middleton

    Westfalia Interior Questions

    Hi! I've finally bought a T2 Westfalia Campmobile after searching on and off for a few years, determined to avoid a rust bucket. I have been going through the van this week, gathering confusion and questions in the process. If any of you have any insight into my interior, I'd be glad for the...