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  1. pierrox

    BienCuit the american bus

    I realised that I registered years back but never really introduced myself. I think I did it to be able to read a thread about rebuilding steering boxes as there is not tons of info out there. Why did I need this info? I was in the process of improving the steering on our 1971 bus... So here is...
  2. pierrox

    Ben's 72 Bay

    Ohhhh, so that's what you're doing to your roof! I'll follow closely, I like what they do and it sounds like a good option.
  3. pierrox

    Cornwall ‘22

    If you have a smartphone you can download a speedometer app that will tell you more precisely your speed. Agreed with @sparkywig start with the tyres and then if your engine can deal with higher gear, Frenchslammer makes a kit to use a beetle gearbox in a bus. Don't know if Graham from...
  4. pierrox

    Engine Overheating

    I'd be curious what you did to it in the end, in detail. Bigger jets? Did you go for a colder plug too?
  5. pierrox

    Electric fridge to replace the original cool box?

    In his 71 US Westy, my brother installed a compressor Danfoss BD 35 behind the passenger seat (tight fit) and kept the original ice-box. It's pretty neat and works really well. It's sold under the brand Danfoss in France, in some places, it's sold under the brand Secop.
  6. pierrox

    Missing thermostat and flaps.

    Or you buy a set from Clark in the US, he ships abroad:
  7. pierrox

    Weber 34 ict

    Sorry for the thread hijacking... in your experience, what would you use on a 1700cc engine?
  8. pierrox

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    Thanks for the diesel explanation. Now I get why the LEZ form only had 2 boxes: "Diesel" and "Other". Will let you know what happens!
  9. pierrox

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    I think since they don't have access to much info from outside, so their software defaults to "must pay" and it's a case of "you prove us wrong then". But in my experience, they've built an efficient network to find you and make you pay for the Congestion Charge across Europe (unless Brexit...
  10. pierrox

    ULEZ LEZ and other London acronyms...

    I don't post much here but I've had an account for years, having a 1971 Westy, it's always been a great source of info. I also happen to be from the other side of the (tiny) pond : la France, this country where anything can be sorted with police tear gas... This summer, we plan to spend some...
  11. pierrox

    Post ownership clear out!

    Nice, I'm interested! Drop me a DM and let's continue off this thread! Thanks!
  12. pierrox

    Post ownership clear out!

    Both sides, correct? Those are Vewib? I'm interested.
  13. pierrox

    Oil light came on. Help!

    Interesting, could you develop?
  14. pierrox

    Oil light came on. Help!

    Hopefully you should be safe! You can also get in touch with Mike who's a great guy and great mechanics. He's 30 miles south from Milton Keynes, and might even drive to see you on the spot...: