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  1. matty74

    Happy Anniversary - Winnie

    6 years ago to the day, I had my first drive in an Early Bay ... it was a long first drive, 250 miles to be precise [emoji3] back from Exeter airport, I couldn’t even find reverse gear to get out of the parking space [emoji1787]. Anyway 6 hours later, almost hyperthermic and £100 lighter (man...
  2. matty74

    Happy Birthday Winnie

    50 Years old today All dressed up and nowhere to go [emoji22] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. matty74

    Rear Hub Nut Conundrum - Solved

    Hi all ... any help or advice greatly appreciated on this one. Noticed that my rear Hub nuts had seen better days, so I thought I’d order some new ones in readiness the coming season, It’s a 1970 bus with 15” Wide 5’s. They arrived (46mm AF M30 thread) but the New thread size was too big...
  4. matty74

    Independent Valuation Leyland / Preston Area : Footman James

    Hi all, after a bit of help/advice ... ditched Admiral as this years multicar was extortionate for my 3 Vehicle’s and regrettably got sucked in by Footman James on an agreed valuation policy. Filled in the generic condition form, as you do, but just got back from holiday to a letter saying...
  5. matty74

    Not an Early Bay but ...

    So I'm out and about in Cologne and saw this MKI Golf GLS ... more of an Alfa bloke when it comes to cars but nevertheless this Golf was lush ... enjoy [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. matty74

    Winnie - Our 1970 Bay

    Hi all, It all started for us in late January 2015, we’d been looking for ages for an early bay and saw one on Ebay that was the right price for us. We knew already that we were planning to go the whole hog on the restoration, so just needed a blank canvas that was solid enough. Winnie...