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  1. VeeDubKate

    York Classic VWs

    I thought I'd posted this on here before but I can't find a previous posting so posting now. We are a really friendly bunch, based in and around York, YCVWs has been going just over 10 years now, I started it as there wasn't really anything in York other than a meet in a car park every now and...
  2. VeeDubKate

    New Starter needed?

    Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow - any tips? Not had any starter motor dealings as yet.
  3. VeeDubKate

    New Starter needed?

    Hey all, A few times over the last week or so I’ve been out in my bus, stopped somewhere and then it won’t start again, no click on first turn or so, then I’ll get a click but nothing else and then the next time I try it’ll start up. Is this a starter motor issue or something else? I’ve...
  4. VeeDubKate

    Photobucket Reinstated!

    Great news! :) :D
  5. VeeDubKate

    Field of Dreams Aircooled VW Festival #6, York - 31 Aug - 2nd Sept

    A few people at the Early Bay Campout last weekend asked me to post a link up to my aircooled event in York, so here it is. After speaking to a few of you, there seems to be interest in possibly having an early bay only night on the Thursday...
  6. VeeDubKate


    Looking forward to this in a couple of weeks. Be nice to see those that I know and meet some new faces. Let's hope the weather picks up hey? - looks like it's going to. See you all there.
  7. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    No idea what tumblers are :lol: but that would be good, I think I'll have a word with Schofields first though, my current priority is to get it moving and get an MoT then I'll look at trying to get it fixed or at least back to using the same key somehow. Thanks for your help :D :D
  8. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    Yes definitely, this one was recommended to me but I'm not convinced by the recommendation if you get me - the person recommending was in the office chatting when I arrived :shock:
  9. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    Hahaha! :D :) :lol:
  10. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    Thanks everyone, love the help and support on here, there's always someone to answer and never any nastiness or condescending responses. Thanks all, very much appreciated. I'll check schofields out.
  11. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    Felt like the steering lock was on but the steering wheel was turning fine, wiggled and jiggled for about 2 hours so have now ordered a new barrel. Gutted as this was one key all round apart from the engine bay :(
  12. VeeDubKate

    Urgent help needed

    Just taken my bus to have its mot, all fine. Mot guy started it but it cut out (he doesn't know aircooleds apparently) so then he wiggled the key about for no apparent reason. Now the key won't turn at all. Any suggestions - other than find another mot place?
  13. VeeDubKate

    Field of Dreams 4, York, 16th - 18th September 2016

    Hi there all, We are back for year four, and as always, the week after Busfest. I just want to let you know that tickets are on sale on the website now, we currently have a 20% earlybird discount for you if you're quick - these are limited in number and will sell out quick. If you want to...
  14. VeeDubKate

    Field of Dreams 3 - Escrick Park, York 11-13 September

    Hehehe! Not long now people! Tickets will be available on the gate, gates open at 2pm for pre-booked weekend ticket holders and gates sales start at 6pm. Day visitors - gates open at 9am :) See you there :)
  15. VeeDubKate

    Early Bay Speedo

    Hi all, I'm after a (working) speedo for my 1970 bay, anybody know of any anywhere? Thanks, Kate :)
  16. VeeDubKate

    Field of Dreams 3 - Escrick Park, York 11-13 September

    I know :) Yes, hopefully next year :)
  17. VeeDubKate

    Bike rack - advice needed please :)

    That was the exact plus I was looking for Phil, need to be able to get in there without messing about first :) Thanks all, very helpful. Kate
  18. VeeDubKate

    Bike rack - advice needed please :)

    That looks perfect Graham, muchas gracias! :)