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    FS Set of KDF style Hun Caps

    Selling a set of KDF style hub caps Made from correct 18 gauge steel Powdercoated light grey Show condition Come with removing hook . £200 Can collect from Bristol or Bristol Volks Fest or I can post .
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    Are Lemforder ball joints meant to be the best available?

    Looking to fit new ball joints. Are lemforder meant to be the best available?
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    Wanted ,good condition set of front ball joint arms and stock spindles

    I’m looking at going back to a stock front setup and so I’m after a set of ball joint trailing arms and stock 68-70 drum front spindles . Must be in good condition with no pitting on bearing contact surfaces .
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    Wanted pair of lower ball joint front arms

    I’m after a pair of good condition lower ball joint arms . Cheers Ja 🤙
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    Anyone in Bristol or close really up on setting up rear torsion rods and dialing in adjustable spring plates

    Hi guys I’ve been phoning about today to see if any of the few Bristol Vw shops could set up / dial in my rear suspension. The rear torsion rods might need inner spring tweaking as well as outer .I do have adjustable spring plates fitted to make the job easier on adjusting these . But it...
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    Torque settings for 4 bolts holding rear hub carrier

    Hi ,can anyone tell me the correct torque settings for the 2 bolts and 2 nuts/ bolts that hold the rear hub carrier to the spring plates see pic Cheers
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    Anyone going upto Volksworld on the Friday?

    Hi all ,just though I’d put it out there . I’m looking at travelling up to volksworld on the Friday mid morning from Bristol .It would be cool to convoy up with some fellow aircooled members ,I’ll be travelling about 65mph ,incase there’s speed demons wanting to go balls out .(happy to go a...
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    For sale Nearly new complete front drum setup with less 500 miles

    I recently purchased all new brakes front and back for my bus but due to a big motor swap I’ve decided to go with front discs . The kit I’m selling will include all you need to allow you to simply swap your old for the new kit . Kit consists of CSP front Drums Genuine VW powdercoated backing...
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    Swapping from drums to front discs ?

    I’m thinking of fitting Dave Slacks front disc kit to my bus using the stock master cylinder. I’ve heard that if using the std MS you need to remove the non return valves . The person who owned my bus before me had Porsche 944 discs all round and was using the same master cylinder. I asked him...
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    Do you need to modify the stick master cylinder for willwood disc brakes ?

    I was contemplating changing my new front csp drum set up on my 69 to a Willwood/disc brake kit I’d seen advertised on Fb. My friend was pretty sure that if running with a stock drum master cylinder you will need to modify it as it has a check valve which will stop the pistons on a caliper...
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    Wtb early split (non crows foot ) 15” steel wheel

    I’m after one or piss two early splitty 15” steel wheels . What’s about please 🤙
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    FS Newly Restored Early Split Bus 15”Steels and KDF Flying Cog Hubcaps

    mmaculate set of 15" Early Split Bus Factory Steels. These were carefully blast cleaned before receiving a 3 stage powder coating process consisting of primer ,colour and clear coat all powder coated .All hubcap clips were replaced with Wolfsburg West ones . The wheels come with some lovely 18...
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    Looking for a pair of early splitscreen 15" steels .

    WANTED PAIR OF SPLITSCREEN 15" STEELS OR IF POSS BANDED ONES Looking for a pair of splitty 15" steels ,must be straight and have no heavy rust . PM me please if you have some 🤙
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    Wanted set of wide 5 centreline wheels .

    I'm after a set of wide 5 centre line wheels .size 5 or 5.5 rear and 4 or 4.5 fronts .street weight .Erco's would do as well
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    FS Early bay Front Brake Drums

    Got a good condition pair of genuine Vw front brake drums from my 69 bus . Take £50 collected or can post .
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    FS Malpassi Filter King Fuel Presure Regulator

    Bought this a couple months back to tied me over but now it's surplus to requirements. Great quality addition If running twin carbs and a electric fuel pump. Comes with mounting bracket and original box . £40 delivered .
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    Anyone got a CSP python on a low bus ?

    I'm thinking of getting a csp python for my panel but I'm worried about ground clearance. Any pics or info please on this
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    FS Vintage Speed Tuckaway exhaust and Matching J Tubes

    Due to building a different style engine I'm Selling my Early Bay Vintage Speed Tuckaway exhaust and matching J tubes. It's covered less than a 1000 miles and is in very good condition. All mounting hardware has been upgraded to stainless . Can post if needed . £330 Collect from Bristol if...
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    Anyone know if Vunder Bra's are still available to buy new?

    I'm after a bra for my bus and wondered if Vunderbra is still making bra's?
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    My new complete driveshaft kit is to long ?

    Anybody bought new complete drive shafts and found them to be about 10-12mm to long so they won't fit .Ive just bought a complete set to replace my old ones and there to long .Im now wondering if I can use the new cv joints on my old shafts or wether the new shaft splines might be different ...