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  1. Darren2030

    Routing Fuel lines

    Hi fellas Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but do the fuel lines to each carburettor (34ict) have to be of similar lengths!? Was going to route a line from the mechanical pump to the regulator mounted on the left of the engine bay a T piece and then a smaller fuel line to the left carb...
  2. Darren2030

    Weber 34 ict

    Hi Could anyone plz advise me on the float level setting on these carbs I’ve read 8mm and 5.5mm etc which I think eurocarb set them at and also the correct fuel pressure they are supposed to be at is it 2.1? I’ve got a mechanical fuel pump and a sp 1641 engine, I’ve had them jetted 145 mains...
  3. Darren2030

    Charcoal filter

    Hiya I’ve Recently removed the solex single carb and replaced with twin 34 ict webers which is a big improvement I was just wondering if it’s ok to vent the oil breather to the charcoal canister I’ve got in the top right hand corner of the engine bay instead of one of the filters!? Or would it...
  4. Darren2030

    Single port dual Webers

    Wanted Hi I’m after a single port dual Weber carb set up if any one has one 34icts preferably in good working condition for 1641 sp engine, cheers.
  5. Darren2030

    Carburettor gasket

    Hi fellas Just after a little advice on carburettor base gaskets I’ve got a single port engine with an original solex 31 pict 3 and an adapter to clear the alternator. I keep getting a leak from underneath the carburettor it seems to be coming from the top gasket on the adapter when I removed...
  6. Darren2030

    Fibre washer

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get or have the small fibre washer on the bolt on the side of the solex 31 pict carburettor by any chance? The one where the main jet is…Don’t really want to get a full rebuild kit cus only need that small washer have tried a number of car shops and diy places...
  7. Darren2030

    Oil leak

    Hi was checking on a leaking csp push rod tube (again!) that had been dripping on the j-tube and noticed a bit of oil had been dripping down out of the head between the fins!? Any ideas fellas maybe a cracked head or something can’t really think what it could be as it’s not the oil cooler side...
  8. Darren2030

    Steering wheel

    Hi, Was thinking about treating the old bus to a new steering wheel and was after a little advice if poss on a good one really and are they a pain to fit as have heard of people having a right headache fitting them the only couple makes ive seen about are the mcj and aircooled accessories ones...
  9. Darren2030

    Carburettor leak

    Hi Recently bought a refurbished solex 31 pict 3 carb from gerrit at rage 1 in Holland after fitting it and taking the bus for a run out yesterday I noticed a small leak around the inlet pipe at the top of the carb can’t seem to fathom it out as the pipe is tight and it’s the aircooled works...
  10. Darren2030

    Storage shelter

    Hi Looking at getting some sort of shelter to keep the earlybay in over the winter got a decent cover over it but not 100% waterproof wanted something with a bit more protection. Looked at some of the car shelters available but wondered if any one could recommend a good one or there was one for...
  11. Darren2030

    WANTED Solex 31 pict 3

    Anyone got an original German 31 pict 3 solex carburettor for a single port engine for sale please preferably in good working condition Thanks Darren
  12. Darren2030

    Fuel pump

    Hi Recently bought a so called ‘best quality’ alternator fuel pump for my 1641 rebuilt engine took him for a drive and couldn’t believe it leaked around the seal and screws having planed to go away that day camping for the week I had to change it to a cheap spare dynamo one I had. I also...
  13. Darren2030

    Oil bath

    Hi fellas Will be soon putting an oil bath filter back on the bus as want to go back to stock etc but realised the inside flap for the actuator/thermostat on the bottom on the filter is missing (small round thing) the one for the crankcase breather is there and works fine would I still be able...
  14. Darren2030

    Fuel breather pipe

    hi, Have been working on the fuel tank recently replacing filler pipe and new fuel filter inside tank and noticed a small pipe in the top right corner of the engine bay which comes from the fuel breather above the tank. Question is that I no longer have the charcoal filter anymore where do I put...
  15. Darren2030

    Oil bath mounting clips

    Hiya Does anyone know where I can get or possibly have laying about the mounting clips for the original oil bath filter by any chance been pulling me hair out trying to find some but they seem to be like rocking horse shite to get hold off! Any help would be much appreciated thanks 😊 Darren
  16. Darren2030

    Dash top

    Hi Is it possible by any chance to remove the top of the dash on me earlybay without removing the whole dash board itself as mine has gone a bit rusty in places nearest to the window, window is also being removed. Thanks Darren
  17. Darren2030

    Rust around front screen

    Hi, Got a couple small bubbles of rust come through the paint below the rubber on the front screen bout 20 pence size on my earlybay camper which is annoying and I hear it’s a common problem with these old busses! I’m guessing I’d have to take the windscreen out rub down treat and respray but...
  18. Darren2030

    Europe Breakdown cover

    Hi Can anyone recommend a breakdown service for Europe as off to Holland soon and a lot of em don’t cover anything over 16 years old 😬🤔 Cheers Darren
  19. Darren2030

    Pushrod tube seals

    Hiya fellas, Hope someone can help I’m at my witts end with these csp pushrod tubes can’t seem to stop the odd leak from the seals. I’ve redone them couple times now firstly when I got them with a smear of engine oil and just recently with Curil-T sealant and I’m still getting the odd drip of...
  20. Darren2030

    Exhaust wrap

    Hiya Does anyone use that heat wrap tape stuff on their exhaust!? Was thinking about putting some on my earlybay as I get the odd drip of oil now and then on the exhaust from the pushrod tubes etc and me being paranoid bout them sort of things didn’t know if would be a good idea or not! What...