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    Size of garage

    I'd go as wide as space practically allows you; I'd be well happy with 2 - 3ft all the way around. You'd probably find yourself filling any spare space with shelves, benches/trollies. Currently got a standard 60's style garage which leaves less than 1/2ft on one side and 1 1/2ft just on the...
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    Fuel hose from tank

    Hi, Looking into replacing the fuel hose that goes from the tank to through the tinware. Will add pictures later, but have the following queries... 1) What was the stock route of the fuel hose from the tank to tinware? 2) Were there originally clips/clamps on the bodywork that secured the...
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    Starter Issue?

    Yeah, think I arc'd it by accident a few years back when I was underneath replacing a broken accelerator cable; Was like Bonfire night under the bus!
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    Starter Issue?

    Hi trinketpimp, That's what I was aiming to do but couldn't see the terminals shown in the Idiots Guide on my starter. So which 2 terminals on my starter photo? Number 2 and 3? i.e. Like below?
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    Starter Issue?

    Sorted! Wasn't the starter - Problem was the battery; Got a new one today & it started first time. Thanks to everyone who suggested what to try. @bigherb Good call on the voltage; Thought the trickle charger would have indicated the battery was knackered - I'm sure it did that before by...
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    Starter Issue?

    So referencing Idiots guide page 51 for Starter/Solenoid issues, I was expecting to see 3 wires connections on the starter; 1) To Ignition 2) To Battery 3) Solenoid to Starter. On my starter above, it doesn't quite match the diagram. I've yellow dotted the 3 wires I can see but at the...
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    Starter Issue?

    Thanks Mike; Don't have a hard start relay - did think about putting one in a while back though. Went back over the idiot's guide; tried putting it into 3rd gear & rocking it back & forth. Next thing to try is screwdriver over the contacts to see if starter turns over.
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    Starter Issue?

    Evening, Tried starting bus and starter makes a single click, followed by a very high pitched continuous screech when the key is turned. Engine doesn't turn over; Didn't have a lot of time this evening but I've tried following: - Checked battery (7 years old, usually on trickle charge), reads...
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    They are bald on the outside!

    Looks awesome! Quick thread highjack 🙂 Any idea of how high your bus is now? Realise you've got larger tyres, roof rack etc. but just for reference. I just changed my up & over garage door to a roller & have loads of extra clearance. Not saying I'm going back stock height, but it's got me...
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    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    That deep sump looks well solid - Take it you have no bother with jacking the engine up from it? Think mine might be an empi thin one, with a canny gap between it and the bottom of the case; Always been in 2 minds if it is strong enough to support the weight of the engine without damaging the...
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    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    Sounds great - Enjoy your free time. ...Think I'll still be packing the wellies though - Just incase!
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    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    Thanks Clem - I'll pop by at somepoint; Are you still near the corner in Williams Green? Did think about trying to chance parking up in the B&W showground; but I'm guessing that with the West Campervan field no longer open to vans then there's shortage of van pitches; Was in West a few years...
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    Glastonbury 2022 - Taking bus but no campervan pass?

    Hi, I'm awaiting confirmation in next few days of a crew/volunteer role for next week; I've normally gone as a punter having stayed in both east and west campervan fields in the past. Have thought about travelling there in my bus but I don't have a campervan pass. 1) is it safe to leave it...
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    Fuel Hose and Filter recommendation

    Hi, I used to buy the fuel hose bundle deal replacement kit (plastic mahle(?) filter, clips, hose) from Machine7, who've now gone out of business; Prior to this seem to remember using other few companies and ended up with some naff thin cheap plastic fuel filters and poor quality looking hose...
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    Coilover shocks

    Had coilovers on dropped spindles but found the ride a bit harsh sometimes; Swapped them for bilstein ones - think I got them from T2D.
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    Braided accelerator cable

    Hi, I've got a buttys bits throttle kit & fitted a braided throttle cable - like you I replaced my single "threaded" throttle cable; Can't remember who advised me on this so apologies in advance if I've got it wrong - think it might have been Graham L? Think he was checking my steering &...
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    Wheeler Dealers

    Just found this - gives the impression it all ended badly with Mike and Ed...
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    Wheeler Dealers

    Yeah Ozzie it's a shame. After hearing this I'm interested to know if anyone knows what happens when they sell the car; I'm guessing now that bit must be faked aswell. And like you say, what happens to the cars afterwards? Maybe they were already sold before any work began?
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    Wheeler Dealers

    Wheeler Dealers! Was my favourite car programme years back - More for the classic cars and Ed''s mechanical skills than Mike Brewers banter; Think I filled my old skybox with all the series at the time from Discovery channel and old ones on Dave? - Still like the Blue bug episode from way back...
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    ignition barrel replacement

    Nice! Some great detail and pictures there. Had a look at the other articles on the same site - especially liked the bed layout; Thought the 1 person seat converting to a 2 person seat was genius!