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    New 52 year old Type 2

    Bus looks great from the picture. But it isn't a Westfalia. Wrong roof, and unless it's a SA import they never came in RHD. That looks more like a Devon conversion by the roof and the fact it's RHD. The M Plate will tell you if it's a factory Westfalia, it should have at least one of these M...
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    Electric fridge to replace the original cool box?

    How have you Vented it so it doesn't overheat? Also would using an integrated appliance door slider kit work so both doors can be opened together?
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    Electric fridge to replace the original cool box?

    That's great, just what I'm after, at least it looks stock when closed.
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    New in the VW community with a 68 westy !

    It sounds like the fuel pump has failed. Also mount the fuel filter under the bus, not in the engine bay, you'll also find it'll run better if you can get an original air filter.
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    Running power from leisure battery to the cab

    I ran my wire from under the rear seat, popped off the interior trim panels, ran the wire along the side, then around the back of buddy seat and under the mats up to the front. It's all hidden and you'd never know its there. I have an early 68 Westfalia.
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    Electric fridge to replace the original cool box?

    Does installing the Dometic CRX50 allow you to keep the original wooden door fascia panel. I'd like to install a fridge too, but I don't want to lose the original fascia of the cool box. Not so worried about the water tank as we don't use that, as long as I can retain the tap for appearance.
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    Parts Wanted Good running 1600 engine

    I'm after a good running 1600 engine, must have no endfloat. Anybody got anything? Doesn't matter if its twinport or singleport as I can swap my singleport heads over.
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    Looking for our old family 1968 VW Camper

    I would say the fact its not been taxed since 1998 it's most likely long gone sadly 😢
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Do you have the clamp that holds the jack under the passenger seat? Looks like this:
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    Start of Bay Westfalia production?

    It's worth noting the plaques on the front wheel arch of a Westfalia were only fitted to buses originally destined for California when new. If it was delivered elsewhere it didn't have those plaques. The only plaque they all got was the one on the bed. My bus left the factory 5th Feb 68, but...
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    Parts Wanted Clamp for jack

    I'm after the clamp for the jack that holds it under the passenger seat, anybody got one for sale. Pic of the part I need;
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    Twin Battery LCD display

    I've got the CBE PC210 system in my 68, the LCD Panel shows the van and leisure battery charge level.
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    Closest RAL to L581 Cloud White?

    Sorry I meant RAL 7001 for the Hubcaps. My wheels are with the Powder Coaters now. The Hubcaps are being coated RAL7001 Silver Grey, and the wheel itself a colour that looked closest to my bumpers, I can't remember which RAL it was now, I'll update when I collect them early next week.
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    Closest RAL to L581 Cloud White?

    I'm going to get my stock wheels/hubcaps powder coated. It looks like the closest RAL to L70x grey silver is RAL9001. However does anyone know the closest RAL to L581 Cloud White?
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    L70X grey hub hubcaps.

    No, I just guessed. I'm actually about to get the stock wheels on my 68 refurbished (it had a set of 17" Escra alloys on, but I have its original wheels and I like stock) and get a set of Hubcaps powder coated as close to the grey as I can. It seems nobody knows the equivalent colour nowadays...
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    Two millionth T2

    I meant sequential that model year? Mines a 68 model year Bay as was the 2 millionth. They were supposedly built on the same day.
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    Westfalia Wardrobe Door Mirror Clips, cheap, correct replacements

    If anybody needs replacement mirror clips for the mirror in the Wardrobe on a Westie, Hafele 291.09.402 clips are the same as original. They are 16p each online...
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    Two millionth T2

    According to my M Plate my Bay was built on the 5th Feb 1968, which is the same day as the 2,000,000 Transporter. I'm just curious how close to the 2millionth mine was. I assume the chassis numbers were sequential? Does anyone know the chassis number of T2 two million?
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    Diesel heater fitting

    Mines a very early 68, the fuel tank Firewall wasn't installed until July 68 onwards. If you look a lot of the engine bay around the Fuel Tank is different on an early 68, in fact structurally elsewhere an early 68 is different to 69 MY buses. And no issues with condensation recirculating the...
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    Diesel heater fitting

    I've mounted mine under the Bed in my Westie and the fuel tank is in the engine bay. And no I'm not getting into the merits of the fuel tank there. Its safer than having a tank of Diesel in the passenger cabin area.