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    Scat shifter, any good ?

    Are Scat gear shifters any good ??? Better than stock ? Do they tighten up the gear selection ? I’ve currently got a stock shifter but I struggle with 2nd sometimes.
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    2006 VW Eos

    Kat’s car is up for sale VW Eos 2006 , 2.0 Tsi petrol , 6 speed, full leather, electric everything, folding mirrors, heated seats , parking sensors , cruise control, folding hard top, 12 months MOT , 153k Miles, Alloys, radio works CD player doesn’t unfortunately, few new Parts recently, full...
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    Unfortunately the truck engine is very poorly, so we won’t be able to attend viva SkegVegas in 2 weeks time, so 2x tickets up for sale £50 :cry:
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    Rapido folding caravan

    FOR SALE Rapido confortmatic T Light to tow. Ideal for classic car/van. Easy to erect Spacious when up. Watertight. No damp. 2 berth with toilet compartment. Room for child’s bed too. 240v Elec hook up. 12v leisure battery system with USB charging points & LED lights & battery. Decent...
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    Camping in Northumberland this weekend!

    130 mile round trip , 1 nights camping, just me & my boy. Fantastic place, lovely time , great first weekend away of the year !!!
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    Main beam stuck on !!!

    :? Not that it makes much difference like !!!! But my headlights are stuck on main beam now, the stalk wont click them back off again!!! I'm guessing strip it down blow it through with the airline & spray with WD40 ????? Anyone else have this bother ???
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    This months camper & commercial magazine

    Nice Earlybay crewcab ;)
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    Is it possible for an Earlybay to look sheepish ???? :oops:
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    Under the seat spares & tools .

    Fun never stops in this house mind !!!! I've organised my new tools in my tool box tonight & I did my spares box the other night !!! :party0046: Think I need to get out more :sad0049:
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    Pics for pics sake

    I've eventually got round to washing all the mud off the chassis from SkegVegas some 4 weeks ago :oops: & gave the truck a bit polish too, so I thought I'd take a couple of pics , why not , eh ????
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    VW repair/maintenance courses.

    VW repair/maintenance courses??? Any good? Anyone been on them? Worth the money? Or is it a case of if I don't understand by now I never will ??? :lol: After our trip to SkegVegas & missing most the show pissing about with the engine, only to still end up with a garage bill the next day, I'm...
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    We had a nightmare journey here on Friday with the crewcab running like crap sometimes & being perfect sometimes!!! I replaced the fuel filter part way here. Me & the wife stripped & cleaned the carb yesterday & now it won't start, overfuelling like mad !!!! Petrol dripping out the...
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    Posting pics

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    Inertia seat belts , non walk through.

    Truck is now MOT'd UK registered & insured in the road, I've replaced the clutch after it wasn't happy on the way home from Volkspower. Recently I've managed to snap the accelerator cable, so I've had to replace that too !!! I've fitted some rather fetching yellow lenses from a chap on here ...
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    NOVA form ???

    What does the NOVA form look like?? I have an invoice from Hill Shipping stating I've paid the VAT, should I have a confirmation letter from HMRC too???
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    First UK MOT test?????

    First UK MOT test!!????? Have the DVLA changed the rules?? Last 2 times I've MOT'd an import I've just used the USA reg on the MOT then sent the certificate & registration forms off to DVLA & when the reg number form came back it came with a revised MOT certificate displaying the UK reg. I've...
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    Dubs in't dales 2016 pics.

    Just the cars n buses, got loads more of us & the bairn , but no one wants to see them :lol: And my favourite!!!!!! This Earlybay tintop!!! 8) 8) Really good show, definitely go again next year too!!!!!
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    WANTED!! Cab step repair pictures!!

    As you may or may not have seen on my resto thread, the N/S cab step on my crewcab is giving me a headache at the moment!!! So I'm looking for inspiration!!! How did you guys do it???
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    Wanted!!! Campsite recommendation in North Yorkshire!

    We should be picking up our new Rapido Confort folding caravan this weekend!! :D To go o. The back of the crewcab ( when its eventually finished) :suicide: We'll be collecting it from Hull area & taking it home to Durham, we plan on spending Saturday night somewhere on the way home, but...
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    WANTED attractive towbar

    Not one of the big square ones that hang down below the bumper!!! :sick0020: An attractive one, that just peeks out!!! :msn4: It's for my 1969 crewcab, what do people recommend???