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    Solar Panels

    I've been running a very similar set up to 67 Westy for a number of years. I have also just fixed some flexible panels on my boat using heavy duty Screwfix velcro. The best advice is to buy from a reputable supplier, there's a lot of chat about cheap MPPT controllers not being what they seem...
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    Pushrod tube seals

    I'd be loathe to use bathroom sealant that sounds like a bit of a bodge. When I did my Type 4 ones I used a very fine smear of permatex. Got to wonder if its the tubes themselves
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    The Way Forward - Pre Bay Purchase

    I suspect if you spend over £20k you won't get much, if anything more, than you might for £15k. All of these are old and a spray over can hide a multitude of sins and rust. You just need to keep looking until you find the one that suits you and be aware it will continue to be a work in progress.
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    FOR SALE Sun Canopy (Just Kampers

    Now Sold ... thanks for looking
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    MOT Exemption - Suspension Changes

    I suspect this issue may raise its ugly head when an insurer uses it as a reason to get out of their obligations
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    FOR SALE Sun Canopy (Just Kampers

    Cant understand why photos didn't work, if interested PM me your email address and I'll send by email
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    FOR SALE Sun Canopy (Just Kampers

    Used once. Looks similar to the photo below, I believe Just Kampers no longer sell this in the UK. £40 collection from North Hampshire only. Dont ask me to post as its got a bag of heavy poles. I'm not sure if there were guy lines with it but there are none in the bag (might be some in the...
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    Split charge system

    If you use a Voltage Sensitive Relay like the Durite shown in that kit then it is very easy to do. All you are doing is connecting one battery to the other, its just a case of deciding the best cable route and where to mount the VSR and fuses.
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    Morcambe & Wize screwed people over

    Indeed you can when its a contract involving an individual. M&W was I believe set up as a limited company and undoubtedly operated through that, as a result it will only be the company assets of which it sounds like there are none that you could claim from. Looking on Company's House website...
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    Morcambe & Wize screwed people over

    They must have known they were going under and still took money, thieving b******ds.
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    Van security -wheel clamp

    I've just bought a window etch kit anything to make my bus less attractive
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    What’s your job ?

    I was out in Dubai in 1991 (there was a war going on or something) can remember sitting on the beach and sailing a laser straight off ... and going for a curry in the locals curry house above the shops, happy days. I shudder when I see the photos of what it looks like today.
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    Can anyone get on the other forum?

    the ghosts of subaru past lurk everywhere
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    solar panels on a westfalia

    I bought a rigid panel off of here 100w and I believe it will fit in the roof rack section. front hinged westy roof.
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    1/4 Light Glass and Frames

    where abouts are you? & do you know what else I would need to fit?
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    Front 'low' lights fill with water.

    Thanks, I think that is what I will have to do.
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    Front 'low' lights fill with water.

    my front indicators keep filling with water. unscrewed one yesterday and it was half full. anyone got a solution to this. I'm not really sure how it is getting in in the first place.
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    1969 Montana red Westy

    Ah now I see the one you have not put in place. as for the seats have a look on the late bay a couple of guys on there have modded their hammocks etc to fit round non original seats, that might be an option.
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    1969 Montana red Westy

    The rear plywood panel ends short as standard and the bits you can see are hidden by the headbanger unit
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    71 Seattle Westy Restoration - Done, Time to go camping

    Hi Kev where did your get the leather steering wheel cover from?