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    FOR SALE Sun Canopy (Just Kampers

    Used once. Looks similar to the photo below, I believe Just Kampers no longer sell this in the UK. £40 collection from North Hampshire only. Dont ask me to post as its got a bag of heavy poles. I'm not sure if there were guy lines with it but there are none in the bag (might be some in the...
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    Front 'low' lights fill with water.

    my front indicators keep filling with water. unscrewed one yesterday and it was half full. anyone got a solution to this. I'm not really sure how it is getting in in the first place.
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    For Sale Cross Over Rear Bumper

    For sale tatty rear bumper off 1972 cross over collection only Hampshire £15. Contact me through PM. If no one is interested its destined for the tip. :(
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    FOR SALE CONCEPT 2 Rowing Machine Model D

    I've had a hip replacement and selling due to consultants advice. Its a Concept 2 Model D rower complete with seat pad and floor mat. In good condition as has been used at home only by myself. Price £499. Due to size its collection in person only, the good news is that it divides into two...
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    eFore Sale: New Leisure Battery (Never been used)

    I've got a brand new leisure battery which I bought a year ago and have never used. Details are in the photo below. I'm after £35 for it and given the weight its got to be collection only from north east Hampshire.
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    WANTED Oil Filter Bracket Type 4 Engine

    Hi I'm after an oil filter bracket for a type 4 engine 1700 CB. Anyone got one they want to sell me? Thanks Barry
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    WANTED Oil Filter Bracket Type 4 Engine

    Just taken my oil filter off and notice that round the thread that secures the oil filter was a load of PFTE (or similar tape) on closer examination part of the thread has been stripped, anyone got one in good condition, alternatively know where I might find one, I've had a look on the usual...
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    Wanted: 210 mm flywheel

    For my crossover Replacement flywheel required. 210 mm for a 1700 Type 4 engine (CB). The old one is knackered :(
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    Hamilton Type 2 Camper Van Cover (New) SOLD

    Winter's approaching so a timely advert ... and this is apparently better than the cheaper versions on the market elsewhere. Two years ago in 2011 I bought a Hamilton cover for the bus, but having moved house to one with a bigger garage no longer need this. Actually I've never used it so its...
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    identifying which braked callipers

    I have a 1971 built camper, Is there an easy way to identify which brake callipers I have as I expect they should be the one year only ones. But before ordering any replacements want to make sure. Cheers Barry :D
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    Westy Louvre Windows (pair of) - SOLD

    Since I replaced my middle two windows with plain glass I have a pair of louvre windows for sale looking for £90. They are complete with fly-screen and as you can see both work. I would mention that one does wind in and out but is a little stiff and one has also a few abrasion marks on the...
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    For Sale Rust Free Front Door Left Side - SOLD

    When my bus was painted a couple of years ago the painter was short of time and preferred that instead of sorting this door (if it needed any real sorting) that I got an expensive rust free replacement. As a result I have this knocking about, it is from my rust free US import (crossover 1971/2)...
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    where to go for lowering hampshire/surrey way

    or west sussex. As it says really where do i take my bus to have a couple of inches taken off the front end, either adjusters or a one day lowering was what I was thinking of. Cheers ......................... :D
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    travelling with dogs

    just got a new puppy :D we are using a crate in the car but what do others do in their buses? (if you use a crate where do you put it?) :?: :?:
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    Front Indicator Seals - Best Quality From??

    Hi I cahnged my front indicator seals a couple of years ago, and one of the indicators now collects a load of water, can see that it is coming from anywhere inside :roll: so must be the seal leaking? Can anyone recommend where to get the best seals from? :?: Thanks Baz.
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    For Sale: ashtray, rear lights, bed cover, door panels

    All of this come from my 72 imported crossover, due to interior re-trim surplus to requirements Baz Ashtray good condition nice and shiny chrome £5 plus postage Rear Foam slab cover (behind rear seat ¾ over engine bay) good condition £12 plus postage Rear light units no idea how old they...
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    Sold Pending payment Seals for sale

    VW Heritage seal These are the door seals taken from the following VH Heritage kits, my painter wouldn’t fit them said rubber too hard might suit someone on a budget/with more time. Each kit was £64 so these must be worth £20 plus postage for the pair. 211-898-722/DS/OPEN Door seal set,12 pcs...
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    Eweleaze Farm Campsite Osmington near Weymouth

    We took the bus here last weekend, few other bays were there as well. Only opens for the month of August each year see their website" onclick=";return false; Advertised on their website as a small organic farm, but this makes for a large...
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    72 Crossover Rear Bumper wanted

    as it says anyone got one they'd sell me :?: . Baz
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    Tow Bar Wiring

    Just wondering how easy it is to wire in a tow bar :?: one of that long list of jobs to do before going on holiday in a months time and I dont get the bus back for another week or two :roll: any top tips welcomed ... gratefully :) Baz.