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    1970 Dormobile D4/8 going up for Sale.

    I have a D4/8 but with a very poor interior - would love a much better one. The obvious question is where has it been stored for those 20 years? - hopefully not where the photos were taken.
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    Eventually sussed it. There's a retracting pin (possibly part of the steering lock mechanism ?) that I had to wedge out and then the number 12 just slides in. The outer column is now insulated from the inner column. Horn still not working, but I think I've made progress.
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    Sorry to hijack this thread, but sounds like there are some rare people here who know their stuff about early bay steering columns. My 'number 12' (as above) has somehow escaped and slid down the outside of the steering column. Where does it go, and any ideas how to get it back with minimal...
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    breakdown cover where from ?

    We've got RAC. Covers our 2 dailies plus the camper. They do have a 'fair usage' policy of max 6 calls per year, but have always been good.
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    Pertronix - Well impressed

    I am also impressed, but did have a Pertronix 1 fail on me (and not due to leaving the ignition on). My understanding is that you can blow the Pertronix 1 if you leave the ignition on for only 90 seconds with the engine not running.
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    1972 tax exempt late bay for sale.

    Some '72s did have the 'igh lights and the 'orrible bumpers. So it may well be a '72, if not a crossover. Nicely sorted bus, though !
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    I have a 4/8, and know of only one other in the UK, although I did see an interior for sale on ebay a while ago. It is 'basic' if you expect a fridge, sink, cooker etc, but it's much better for general use. It has a flat, low-level bed which fills all the way forward from the engine so plenty...
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    headlining question

    I need to tackle this as well. Apparently, on Dormobiles (like mine) the cab was done in headliner and the back in some sort of board. I don't want to lose any headroom in the cab, so will need something that sits up pretty close to the roof - might even be some sort of patchwork arrangement...
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    insurance question

    I'm with RH as well. Cheap quote, fully comp and cover on other vehicles. That's with low miles and a separate daily though.
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    Is this Bus dodgy?...........

    That exhaust doesn't look correct for a '72, either :lol: Seriously, any 40 year old Vdub (especially a panel van) is going to have had several lives and lots of loving attention (new panels and doors etc) over the years. If this was being sold as 'original', you should be concerned.
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    early bay or splitty dommy roof and bunks

    Do you want to sell the Splitty as well ? :D :D :D
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    Timing - re-con engine

    It depends on the distributor, but most seem to be 7.5 btdc. There are documents out there on the web which specify it all - you can probably google them as fast as I can. Don't know if 2.5 degrees makes much difference, but if it's sounding right, performing well and not using too much fuel I...
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    1600 TP Questions

    That all sounds much like my journey when I bought a camper - all sorts of bits missing and wrong. Amazing that it worked in the first place, but now drivers a LOT better !
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    Fuel economy

    Ah- there's your problem - a working fuel gauge ! Mine doesn't, so I brim it every time and refill every 250 miles or so (depending how much excitement I need in my life at the time !). So I have a pretty good record, and usually manage 25-30+ on my stock (except for later air cleaner) 1600tp...
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    Rear light trims

    Life is full of disappointments ! Thanks for the comments. Maybe a job for my belt sander - bought it ages ago but not used it yet.
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    Rear light trims

    I've got horribly cheap rear light lenses, so bought some OG (hopefully!) chrome trims at Vanfest to tidy them up. Of course, they don't fit (the lenses are too wide). Are there different sizes (possibly spilt to bay ?) - looking at several vans, there were all sorts of detail differences...
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    Front tin ware ..

    Took me over 2 years to find one, and it'll need a few quiet nights in front of the telly to sort out.
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    windscreen removal

    In theory, it's just the usual 'parachute cord' trick, but the screen is heavy (I've bought myself a replacement, so know). Most advice I've heard is to get it done professionally. Stating the bleeding obvious, if you are replacing metal below the screen, you'll need to be pretty accurate or...
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    Hopefully opening soon

    PM me some details.
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    Wanted - Early bay tinware above bell housing (single port)

    I might be interested in the twinport if it will fit my '71.