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    1971 Early Bay for Sale. USA Import LHD

    FOR SALE: VW T2 early bay window 1971 LHD, USA import. Perfect campervan ready for the summer with zero work needed this bus is cheap to insure and costs nothing to tax. I am regrettably selling my cherished bay window due to needing something to commute and sadly this isn't getting used as...
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    Anyone know anything about early bay window sundials??

    I "think" i own a 1970-71 sundial and know very little about theses buses. Anyone got any info?
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    Just saying hi,

    New to this forum so i thought i would say hi, currently own a 71' bay but i have reason to believe it may be a little earlier. History a little "grey" as it was imported from California, registered Washington. Anyone got any tips on how to tidy the interior up where it has had previous curtain...