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    Oil cooling.

    Just be aware they are fragile as hell. Bring them up to temperature carefully with a heat gun so they become more flexible. DON'T try it without heating them. There is a 90% chance you'll break them. And don't be amazed if you come back to the bus and one is missing for no apparent reason...
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    Oil cooling.

    Did you already think about those polycarbonate earz for the air intake? I tried those on a 2074cc and am under the impression it works quite well in 30°C+ conditions "driving around town" Well, more like up to 100km through the countryside up to 90km/h, not long stretches on motorways, but...
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    They are bald on the outside!

    interesting, I went the other direction and flipped the white to the inside because I wanted black lettering :ninja:
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    Lowering Gurus wanted - The Gaz shock thread

    :msn4: one could say I was asking for a beating
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    Lowering Gurus wanted - The Gaz shock thread

    Ok, I am aware this is the "comfort for lowered" thread. But does anybody have experience with them on a stock height bus? I am talking about the 160/105/b12 GP which has 16" open and 10.5" closed. Would they work on stock hight? Would they be long enough to lift the front by an inch with 10"...
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    Dirty Harry's westy

    Hi there Harry. Did you have any problems with your engine (when it was still stock) running too hot? Is the 15" idea a bad one if you live in the mountains? I live in the french alps and I am getting more and more fed up with my lowered setup. I want to get more use out of my bus, riding some...
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    Banded steels

    I have banded steels with ET25 at the rear running 195/75 15". On the right side I can easily slip a finger between wheelarch and tyre, on the left side not so easily but still. So around 1,5 to 2cm of space left. Not sure why there is the difference between left an right, maybe the camber, but...
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    Please report new site issues here...

    much appreciated, seems to be quicker then ever. Was sure it wasn't meant to be against ze Germans :msn4:
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    1776cc with 34 pic carb?

    Restoraider, I might have asked you this elsewhere before.... How does the bigger carb perform? Did you run that engine with the stock carb before and can you compare the performance? Fuel consumption should have gone up.... Jetting must be a pain. Is it worth it considering the carb costs...
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    1776cc with 34 pic carb?

    I definitely wouldn't say it's pointless. It all comes down to personal preference or laws depending on the country you are registered in. It certainly is doable, be it 1776, 2007 or 2110ccm. You will get more low range power but the carb will limit your power at a certain point. I will go down...
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    lowered bus, removing wheel

    Turns out removing the wheel is a piece of cake if you stick to the advice given above. Thanks for the help, I have to admit I feel a bit :oops:
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    lowered bus, removing wheel

    No I haven't. Assuming the locking nut is the 3rd nut to the left in the top pic which some adjustable springplates don't have. I'll give that one a try.
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    lowered bus, removing wheel

    the wheel is not dropping low enough
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    lowered bus, removing wheel

    Hi everybody. As mentioned here and elsewhere before it's a major PITA. I'm not slammed and I have adjustable springplates. Lower shockmount is loose (but that doesn't seem to do anything, the stock shock could extend a lot further) So, stock tires before with 185R14 are almost not removable...
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    Panel Van Porn

    last week, a couple km west of Verdun, France
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    Windscreen washer jets

    When I did my resto a few years back I went for the T3 ones after the old ones broke while removing them. You still get them at any VW dealership for sth like 3€ a piece. At least in Germany. Not sure what the original colour was, the T3 ones are glossy black. The only thing I remember was them...
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    Clunk rattle, a Canadian crossover.

    Boy do I envy your views... and the amount of snow.... and and ... BACKCOUNTRY skiing. I just live in the wrong place. Great thread!
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    Tailgate mechanism coming apart

    Hi everybody. This is awkward. Drivers side, this is what it should look like: Obviousley the rivet has snapped and I assume the tension on the "spring" (mechanism) has caused the effect that the arm seems like or is bent. No accident, I'm the second owner. I fear it will come...
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    Bavarian experiences/ recommendations?

    Since Bavaria has just about everything to offer (beer, food, scenery, history, mountains, rivers, citys, towns, villages... you name it) you might want to be a bit more specific on what you want to see and do, or what you don't want.
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    Sisel cab matts and arch matts ?

    hayburner has cab mats, but doesn't seem to have the ones for the arches