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    Greetings , new boy in these parts..

    Let me know if you want to get rid of your interior/upholstery. Be a shame to chuck it. Could probably make use of it. Cheers Andy
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    Greetings , new boy in these parts..

    Hi there! Welcome to earlybay! What a gorgeous westy, got yourself a stunner there. What made you switch from very early VWs to an earlybay? I lived next to a guy called Aidy who imports Lambrettas and sells parts from Italy, he’s got his business in Sheffield. Just out of the blue you might...
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    Rear Seatbelts in Panel Bus

    Brilliant thank you Nigel, plenty to read through this rainy weekend. Cheers Andy
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    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    Thanks Sparky, I left SoCal in 2008 so could have been on here before then. Any way of easily finding username or posts from then? Or do you have a list of usernames I can look through?
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    Rear Seatbelts in Panel Bus

    Thanks for your helpful reply Graham. Did you weld these nut plates to the bus? Does anyone have diagrams with measurements for the seatbelt mount and rear bench mount locations? I’d be interested seeing the isofix mounts in the bus if anyone has it installed. @froggy has a really nice setup on...
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    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    Aw thanks man yours looks stellar and superb! Is that the original colour? Love it!! Yeah lived in Montana and California, have been in the UK since 2010. Just last night I thinking about having been on this forum back in 2004 but don’t remember my username. Unless it was a different forum…
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    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    I do yes, it’s a 70. The slider has the Louvre window and tailgate has a heated window, I bought it in SoCal in 1998 and brought it over here in 2013 I think. Yours does have unusual windows! Wow lucky man, what a win 😁
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    Rear Seatbelts in Panel Bus

    Thanks Mike! Forgot you had a panel van. Do you still have any photos of it? Our child car seats are either isofix or require 3point seatbelts… Did your lap belt child seat have a leg in front so it doesn’t flip over? I’m thinking of possibly using a longish square pipe or angle iron behind the...
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    VW T2 1971

    Hi there both Steve’s! @Cheers...Steve do you have any photos of yours handy?
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    Stafford Aircooled Meet

    Looks like it was a brilliant turn out 😉with some stunning VW’s! Lovely 71 Gaz, was that a panel?
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    Rear Seatbelts in Panel Bus

    Hi guys, Having just taken our little one on her first run drive in the Bus I’d like to see what the best options are for (having) seatbelts installed in the back of our Panel. There are no existing anchor points present. I’ve heard of spreader plates, do these need to be welded in? Thank hey...
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    A Blast from the Past

    Aw lovely looking bus! Great it has some history on here. Wishing you lots of joy with it! Welcome to the forum 😊
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    Monty the Red Campervan

    Looks like a heater to me. Petrol powered? Hahah delete as others answered better while I typed this…
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    Do your Kids love busses?

    Just had my first drive with our little one in the bus today! Whenever our little 2year old girl walks past the bus in the garage she pats it and says hello bus, just like her dada 😍 Due to only having two seatbelts I’ve never taken out the family on a drive, but thought why not try the...
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    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    Looks brilliant! And I think a much more pleasing line height than the other one. Very nice work around the cutouts for handle and fuel flap!
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    Bristol VW Swapmeet - 24th September 2022

    How did it go?
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Haha brilliant! Thanks Sparkywig 😄
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Thank you. If you do decide to sell the two plastic clips separately please let me know. Cheers
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    Parts Wanted Crankshaft Pulley

    Hi there, yes I still am indeed. No worries, whenever if you find one brilliant! 😁 I’m in the same boat, least priority at the moment. Thank you.
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    Early Bay for breaking

    Hi David, Thanks for posting the photo of the headliner. Could I buy the two visor clips please? If the coat hangers are in tact I’d like to get them too please. Thank you.