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    Late pop on early bay

    Hi guys , I’ve seen it done , can anyone tell me what it’s like fitting a late westy pop top on an early westy or a tin top westy. Love all the og features of the early bays and the look of early pop but the forward late pop suits my needs better for my children
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    im an old member

    Hello Graham good to see your still around. Looking forward to getting my hands on a bus middle/ end of the year
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    im an old member

    Thanks clem much appreciated and Hi Mike Great to be back been watching loads of YouTube stuff , looking around, chatting to people in the know. I’m not quite ready for a new bus but end of the year hopefully. I’ve actually been through the most horrendous end of a 26 year relationship and...
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    Hannah the Montana Westfalia.

    yer im impressed with this :)
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    im an old member

    Clem if u wanna get rid of the other account I opened to get back on here you can I won't be using it , that one was shiplee12345
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    im an old member

    Hi guys it is me its been about 5-6 years , sold my westy for a split , sold that purchased a big house now the wife of 26 years has cleared off with another man , I've gotta sell the house and im here looking after 3 young children :shock: :roll: Anyway im thinking of buying a early westy...
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    im an old member

    Hi clem im in my old account much appreciated YAY
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    im an old member

    works for me :)
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    Leather rear Camper cushions

    Hi guys I've removed the rear cushions from my 66 splitty Just didn't suit our needs Full set of rear leather cushions , will fit split early or late bay Link to eBay"...
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    Jobot of early bay parts

    Job lot of early bay parts for sale left over from the restoration of my 69 westy pop top I'll post some pics Can't post individual items as not got the time Bungay Suffolk
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    Californian 1969 westy pop top

    Located on the Norfolk Suffolk boarder East Anglia
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    New member saying hi

    Hello chap You'll enjoy this forum its a great one :D Nice bus btw
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    I've seen some rot boxes advertised and selling for 7-8 k :shock: