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  1. mcvw

    67 DeLuxe

    Nice one Mike - although once you start uncovering the life that the bus has had before you it can become daunting (an sometimes more ££) - but hang in there, it'll be worth it. 67/68 Titian reds rule!!! ;)
  2. mcvw

    Re-installing air box controls and ducting

    Nice one! Retaining spring on the outside - makes perfect sense, thank you!! :)
  3. mcvw

    For sale: rear bench seat and z-hinges

    Hi, I'm 99% sure that the backrest does not attach to the base of the seat - as if it was it wouldn't allow the seats to be unfolded into the "bed" position. I did google for fitting instructions but can't find anything :( I'll see if I have any older pics of when the seat was fitted in my...
  4. mcvw

    Re-installing air box controls and ducting

    Hi, Before I put the dash top back in my bus I need to re-install all the plastic ducting and also re-connect the front panel/flap control rods. Q1: Does anybody have a full diagram showing how it all plumbs together (I found the following on VW Heritage site)? Q2: The air box flap control...
  5. mcvw

    Early Bay Sticker Artwork

    I'll have a copy too - for safe keeping :)
  6. mcvw

    For sale; original deluxe door cards

    **UPDATE** Looking for £200 as a complete set or individually priced as below. - Front cab door card x2 £40 - Front cab door air ducts x2 £5 - includes dog-leg metal strips - Bulkhead door card x2 £40 - Sliding door card £40 - Rear side/arch door card x2 £40 - includes pair of armrests -...
  7. mcvw

    Narrowed Beam

    I have a T2d 4" narrowed beam (with adjusters) on my 68. Would swap for a 2" version - as I'm an old fcuker and have also changed the whole look/stance of my bus :)
  8. mcvw

    Parts For Sale FOR SALE: Specialized Vegas (mid school bmx)

    Perfect for Pod based pit-lane pootling (tea/coffee runs) or putting through its paces at the local pump-track, or just getting dirty on the trails! Circa 2002/2003 model. 100% original and a definite survivor - it even still has the Evans Cycles sticker on the frame. Rear hub is a flipflop...
  9. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    The engine from my bus was there - does that count :D
  10. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    Did it prefer the more dense air :D
  11. mcvw

    For sale: rear bench seat and z-hinges

    **UPDATE** Bench seat £50 Z-hinges £75 Bench and hinges £115
  12. mcvw

    Wheels and shocks

    UPDATE - Set of four 15" x 4.5 splitscreen 5x205pcd steel wheels. Very nice off-white/cream colout. All wheels have hubcap clips and VW stamping. Two wheels have the 'crows foot' pressing. Wheels are date stamped: 10/57, 11/57, 1/58 11/60 £315 - Pair of rear oil-filled shocks. Measurements...
  13. mcvw

    Portable garage recommendations

    If you want a decent soft cover I've got a Maypole for sale.
  14. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    You lost to a Herbie... You'll never live that one down ;)
  15. mcvw

    Early Bay for breaking

    Hi, Do you have the part numbers from these - or know which side sliding door they are for? I am looking for a pair for the off-side sliding door. Also, what condition are the rear light clusters/bulb holders in - all tabs intact/no corrosion/good connections (I don't need lenses) etc? Thanks
  16. mcvw

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    How did the bus like the hill :)
  17. mcvw

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    That Nuke' does look like fun. My old 275 was a beast ripping down the trails - but anything up was a different thing altogether LOL!!
  18. mcvw

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    I actually moved away - the new 105 mechanical is as smooth/reliable as my old ultegra di2 was. Maybe when the wireless gs's get cheaper I'll have another try :)
  19. mcvw

    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    Cosmics have really grown on me - ebikes still haven't (me & @Clem prefer them those old style pedal bikes :D)
  20. mcvw

    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    Perfect timing 😎 Don't break it on the 1/4 mile after all your hard work!!!