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    European Insurance Cover……BE WARNED.

    We are insured via Adrian Flux with Markerstudy. Off to Spain/France at the end of the month so got me very worried. Phoned AF who have added full comprehensive cover at no additional cost once I gave them the dates and destinations. Hope i don't find out if MS claims service is any good or not!!
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    France camping - Sites on the West Coast

    We are taking the ferry to Bilbao at the end of June and will be travelling for 2 weeks, sailing back from Cherbourg. Does anyone have any recommendations for campsites along the way? Just the 2 of us in our crossover bay, we like our food/wine and a mooch about....nothing too energetic...
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    solar panel

    Thank you Mike, I will have a look. Cheers
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    solar panel

    I could do with some advice on selecting an easy to use solar panel for my crossover bay. We are attending a 4 night festival in the summer and there is no hook up, so i thought a solar panel might just help keep the beers cold that little bit longer!! Is there anything that can just be hooked...
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    Power steering?

    Where are you based Graham?
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    Power steering?

    Thank you everyone, seems like a trip to Hastings is in the cards!! Cheers
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    Power steering?

    My first post on here! My wife has bought me a beautiful 17" wooden steering wheel from AAC for our crossover Bay. My dilemma is this.... I currently have an original steering wheel with 17" 205 Oz alloy wheels, they look great but are a real arm wrestle at low speeds. If I fit the smaller...
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    Early Bay crossover Newton door cards

    Yes Pieman, I will post pics in the morning. Cheers
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    Early Bay crossover Newton door cards

    Just had an interior refit on my 72 bay and now have Newton cab door cards and sliding door card in cream, about a year old so still in perfect condition. Open to offers. Cheers
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    New to EarlyBay ? Say Hi here ...

    Hello, this is my first post on your forum. My Partner Louise and I have a 1972 crossover bay Dormobile so not sure whether that qualifies for this early bay site? Will post a pic once worked out how to do so! Cheers