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    How long have you owned your current bus?

    31 years - my first ‘car’….1991
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    Gearbox issues - 1st gear

    Hi all - nice to be back, been abroad for a few years, so great to be back with the van on the road again, now finishing all those jobs that need to be done but loving driving the van again. V. early 68 by the way. I have a gearbox issue - I know with these things it is almost impossible to...
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    Fitting Gene Berg shifter

    Is the best place to buy these direct from Gene Berg (especially if I am states side right now?) And for an early '68, right hand drive - GB 6750R-LK looks to be the right version?
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    Alternator Regulator, is this an 'old' version? (Image is just what you see on the 'outside' of the alternator - the one I just bought does not have the spade connector on the top...anyone do the version that I have?
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    Alternator Regulator

    Further to my question a while ago at wildly dipping headlights, I need to replace the regulator in my alternator. Mine looks like this though: with the wire connection coming out of the top - nothing like the bit I just ordered from JK, and which I see everywhere else...?
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    55amp or 74amp Alternator?

    Yep - spotted that in a search - good advice!
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    55amp or 74amp Alternator?

    I think my regulator (internal) has gone on the van - posted a while ago about an intermittent charging light issue, which involved flashing headlights. Current alternator is pretty old, may use opportunity to replace whole thing - if so, any reason to 'upgrade' to a 75amp version? Don't have a...
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    Google Chrome App Store

    ...and when is the OS arriving? :lol:
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    Google Chrome App Store

    Ok - sell it to me! :D I am a Google fan, but have never really persevered with Chrome - tried it when it first came out, but couldn't find anything on screen :lol: - do these apps suddenly make it worth another try and a move from Firefox?
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    Socket and Spanner sets

    Obviously a 1/2" socket will fit any 1/2" drive, but it quite handy being able to pop down to Halfords and get any extras one might need if required. Friend had a Halfords set from a good 5-6 years ago, and the case had broken - he rang them up and they sent a new case (slightly different...
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    Socket and Spanner sets

    Got my Halfords stuff when I got my van, back in 1990 - still going strong.
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    Single port 1600, twin carbs a good idea? what would work?

    Excellent thread, hope to do the same sometime with my SP. Here is a link I've had bookmarked for a while, for when the time comes...
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    Engine/Fuel Tank Bulkhead - on a '68

    Um - be interested to know/see where it was a problem - I know that the areas left and right of the middle section are also sealed off on later bays.
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    Wanted: Bulkhead between engine & fuel tank on EB.

    Looking to add one of these onto my '68 van. Looking for decent condition, doesn't have to be perfect, just straight and with out rusty holes! I am located in Surrey.
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    Engine/Fuel Tank Bulkhead - on a '68

    It's a start! :D (So can I call my Van 'pre-68' ? Registered in Peterborough on Jan 1st '68 - but built on December '67!)
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    Surrey meet?????

    Just to add, knowing how busy Boxhill cam get, I'm more in favour of the Watermill option for now...I'm sure I'll find it!
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    Surrey meet?????

    Hopefully I'll try and make it, be good to meet some fellow E'Bayers! Assume you'll be kicking tyres in the car park if it isn't raining? Got a long night ahead watching F1 qualifying and the race in one hit, followed by the Moto GP - so may need some fresh air!
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    Engine/Fuel Tank Bulkhead - on a '68

    Is it possible to retro-fit the bulkhead that sits between the engine and fuel tank on later vans. Mine is a '68 and so does not have one, but can't help think it is a good idea in terms of noise and safety. So - worth fitting? Where can one get one - anyone got one to sell?! :)
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    3/4 glass

    I fitted ours a few weeks back (avoided the 3/4 1/4 issue for now) and found GT85 to be very effective aswell...
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    Sliding Door - lower rollers

    Many thanks guys - now sorted. 90% of mine is fine - just that pesky lower roller! I've bought a replacement one for now as a quick fix. Sadly I like to keep the 'original' bits on the van, so may well get a new roller, or source a bearing, for mine in the future - cheers though.