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    Wanted porsche 356 reps

    Any chance of some pics and a price Pm me if you'd prefer Norm
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    Wanted porsche 356 reps

    Thanks jimveew Unfortunately im not on facebook Norm
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    Wanted porsche 356 reps

    Hello As title im after a set of porsche 356 replicas Has anybody got a set kicking about that they want to move on ? Not to bothered about condition as im planning on having them powder coated white but they need to be straight 😁 Norm
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    Westy Roof Racks - what do you carry ?

    Anything that doesn't matter if it gets wet Awning ,chairs,folding table folding double camp bed All held down with ratchet straps and a net
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    Yup just that Worked a treat
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    Hello I had something simular turned out to be the number plate ends flaping at speed Norm
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    70 Bay won't start

    Hello As said above sounds like your starter motor brushes have gone If its an original you could take it to an auto electrical place and have a new set fitted Norm 😁
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    Starter motor needed in Switzerland

    Hello Just a quick message to let anyone know if your out and about in france and need any parts give serial kombi a bell Really helpful people and couldnt have done anymore Tip top service One very happy customer Norm 😁😁😁
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    Starter motor needed in Switzerland

    Harald Many thanks for the reply Ive managed to order one from serial kombi deliverd to a hotel just over the border in France Norm 😁😁
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    Starter motor needed in Switzerland

    Hello Would anyone know where i could get a starter motor in switzerland ??? Weve made it to our campsite in sion but our starter as given up The only other option i can think of is ordering one from the uk ! Any help would be very much appreciated Norm :D
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    engine lid hinge

    Ive drilled mine out slightly oversized and fitted roll pins Norm :D
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    Varga steering box late bay conversion

    Hello I'm thinking of doing a late bay steering box conversion Are the varga ones any good ? Also where are the drop arms avalible from Many thanks Norm :D
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    Late bay steering box conversion.

    Mike Do you have anymore photos ? Im quite keen on doing this myself Norm
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    wtd offside opening quarterlight and mirror

    hello as above I'm after an offside opening quarter light window for the front door and an offside rear view mirror thanks in advance norm
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    Uk to italian lakes in earlybay

    mike do it we've used our bus for the last five years (family of four) 1st year Spain 2nd year around the Dordogne area in France 3rd year Switzerland the back into France (lake Annecy) 4th year south of France last year touring around the black forest and France this year were back into...
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    Right side cab door

    Neil Id be interested but im in suffolk Any chance youd post it ? Norm
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    Lots of bay parts all genuine vw

    Have you an offside opening 1/4 light ? If so can I have a price posted to Ipswich Many thanks Norm
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    Which Breakdown Recovery / Repair on road Service ?

    Hello Ive got European breakdown cover included with my insurance through r h Had to use it this year in france ! Might be worth looking into before forking out for separate cover Norm
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    Wtd offside cab door

    Karlos Not sure if my pm"s are getting through Can you check your inbox Norm