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    Front seat replacement options

    Porsche seats MX5 Smart seats I've seen all these install successfully Or just replace broken springs / buy new padding and recover the original ones -I did
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    VOWO 2018 Bus parts clearout + tools / compressor / blast cabinet

    So, fast forward to 2021 and most of these bits are still taking up room in storage. Anyone fancy giving them a new home?
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    EB front seat cover metal bars / seat covers -how to?

    I'd also add that this is a 1 person operation, you need 2 hands and a knee as you need to take out some of the natural spring in the frames to have sufficient slack to manipulate the cover when hooking them. And top tip for getting seat back covers over frame, hand up on the front of seat...
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    EB front seat cover metal bars / seat covers -how to?

    Solved. For drivers seat, the smaller metal bar goes on the front of the back rest and is attached to the metal tangs/spikes first with the log bar going on the back of the seal back cover and over the top then just bend tangs over.
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    EB front seat cover metal bars / seat covers -how to?

    Evening all, Back on here after a few years break, still have the bus and will be getting up and running again, at the moment the first thing on the list is seat covers and there has been a 7 year gap between stripping and refurbing the seal frames and now. I have 2 drivers seats, stripped...
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    Additional gearbox brace

    Used the late frame with some minor mods. There is no change to my fuel tank as I remember a guy in Europe did the same but without the mods and he then couldn’t get a stock tank in
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    Additional gearbox brace

    I grafted in a late bay mount (engine flywheel end), makes taking the engine out a piece of cake
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    Astra rack and pinion steering conversion

    Stefan, I know of a split bus that has had this conversion done and I believe there is a load of info on SSVC forum, it took a pit of time to sort out and IIRC the tie rods needed to be modified in length
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    6 rib 091 gearbox into the van issues!

    If I remember correctly, the 091 bellhousing is longer than 002 (and input shaft to suit). Also, is this an original 6 rib or a hybrid T25/T2 box as these are longer again
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    Help help help help help help

    Got this bit but collection only or your courier takes as is. £50 Sent me an Email address if you would like a picture
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    Surrey -Garage tools & DIY tools

    Guys, Clearing out the garage to make way for my van, most items bought new by me, so one careful owner since new. Collection from Leatherhead in Surrey (J9/M25) PM an Email or post replay with your Email if you would like pictures (and please let me know which items). Bits for the garage or...
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    VOWO 2018 Bus parts clearout + tools / compressor / blast cabinet

    Collect from Leatherhead J9/M25. I am 15min from the VOWO show. If you have questions then please call 07715 623 564 If you want a picture, please PM with what you need and an Email I WILL UPDATE AD MONDAY 19 MARCH FRONT END MECHANICAL NOS T2 Split K+L 64> spindles for disc brakes (K+L as...
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    Bedford Rascal Rack and Pinion

    Mike, LHD and RHD racks ought to work on both LHD & RHD vehicles -if it steers the wrong way the rack is in the wrong place and the respective LHD or RHD pitman arm needed on the beam. I've seen all 4 variants working and everyone seems to do it a little differently.
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    I should have one of those, provided under 2kg then £20 posted mainland uk -can't look for it until the weekend though
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    Front cab seat base springs -repair your seat

    I have 12 cab seat base springs (the coils that run down the side of the base, 4 per side) as well as 3 of the 'Z' springs that run front to back (4 per seat), there is also a box with clips in. All items genuine Vw (used), salvaged from seats I have stripped over the years when re-building...
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    Porsche front brakes (early pre 85.5 type)

    I have 2 sets of these, caliper adaptor kits are available from £140 so making this an inexpensive brake conversion and those Porcche wheels fit right on. Set 1 (the better ones) Good used 944 (early) front brake set up, calipers are ATE and are free (not seized) Hubs have been blasted and...
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    Wanted Steering column bottom plate mount

    Do you still need this, if you do I'll find my spare one at the weekend
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    respring and recover seats

    Or buy the covers and wcm padding and do yourself-a pretty straightforward job on a stock seat
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    Rack & Pinion

    Optionals I know of that have been done a do work Rascal rack -single sided just as the CE one Astra rack, more work, only seen used on a splitter Power steering is an easy add, the t25 boys been doing it for years using corsa columns