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    Which Wiring Loom?

    +1 for Peter Good. Excellent service
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    cylinder head recommendations

    Hi Marco, No experience of these, so not a recommendation but GSF have 33% off at the moment (Code 'sale33') which makes their head pretty cheap. Part No. 010VG0041 Will.
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    More steering box questions! bearing surfaces...

    Great thread.. watching this with interest! Where did you pick up the torque meter from, would love to find one. Will
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    Just sheared my steering column horn spade connector grrr

    These look maybe similar?" onclick=";return false; HTH Will
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    cargo floor panels

    Alan Schofield do a conversion piece. Not used this myself, just came across it when researching the job." onclick=";return false; Will
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    First trip away!

    Great Pics, looks like a lot of fun! Will
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    Broken down near cheltenham

    GSF in both Cheltenham and Gloucester are showing fuel pump and push rods in stock. Open from 8:30am. Wish I could offer to run one up for you but will be stuck in work. If you run out of options, might be worth giving GSF a call tomorrow as they always have vans out doing deliveries. Good...
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    Bike racks

    Have this one:" onclick=";return false; Used probably a dozen times now. Seems well made and holds the bikes securely. HTH Will
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    JK steering box

    Hi Keith, Check out this thread for sizes." onclick=";return false; Just ordered some seals to have a go at mine shortly... Will
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    What goes in here? It's been too long......

    Catch thingy: One of these:" onclick=";return false; Just putting mine back together at the moment, endless...
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    WANTED: Sliding door hinge roller block (RHD)

    Thought I'd sourced all the bits to get my slider working properly, but just discovered the middle block has the catch mechanism broken off :( (see below) Anyone got a spare of these they'd be willing to sell? I don't need the wheel itself, just the frame and ideally catch bits. Many thanks! Will
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    A few free bits...

    Hi Si, Many thanks for the parts, good to see your project.. hardcore working outside at this time of year! Good luck with the resto Will
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    A few free bits...

    I'll also take the cab door cut and Rhs window regulator, please Will pm to arrange collection. Thanks! Will
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    A few free bits...

    I'd love the cab door handle if the chrome's in reasonable shape. Happy to collect. Will
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    South African '71 microbus project

    Fantastic, really pleased for you. Time to get planning the first trip! Will.
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    HI, I'd like the "T2 late brown headrests and tubes £35 (pr)" if they're still avail. Will send paypal if you can confirm postage costs. Many Thanks Will
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    South African '71 microbus project

    Fantastic! When's the big day? Will
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    WTD: Engine Bar-to-Chassis brackets (1600 in Crossover/Late)

    Hi, I have the engine mounting bar, but need brackets to attach to chasis. It's for my crossover, so this is the late type 1 engine bar. I'll be *really* happy when I find these! Thanks Will
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    Does any make a small bracket instead of splash pans

    I'd like a pair too if possible when you next make a batch. Thanks! Will
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    '72 SA Kombi rolling resto,

    Hi Mike, thanks for the offer.. may well take you up at some point as I'm a total novice. Having fun identifying some of the missing bits when I've never seen a complete one! I've been busy last month or so, scraping/cleaning/painting underside. Nearly done with that now, so can get back to...