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  1. Davydomes

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    Folks! I've just been on the Government website to check if we are exempt from charges. I entered the reg of our bus in the checker and the bus WILL be exempt. It is here
  2. Davydomes

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    I haven't come across any exemptions in anything I've read so far, but I hope your right.
  3. Davydomes

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    North of Watford in the badlands. My friend has just told me that Liverpool are looking into this also. Apparently it's a directive from the Government to all county capitals to look at this.
  4. Davydomes

    Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone £10/day from June 2023

    It's been announced that the above will happen from 1st June 2023. Campervan's with Internal Combustion Engines that don't meet Euro 6 (IV) emission standards be charged £10 per day travelling through Greater Manchester. Motorways and major trunk roads are not included. I think that will be...
  5. Davydomes

    Front seat replacement options

    We have Jaguar XJ40 seats in ours and they are very comfortable.
  6. Davydomes

    Fuel Cap Replacements

    For what it's worth, another one here that has recently ditched the PITA locking cap and gone back to the OG.
  7. Davydomes

    SOLD Clutch Claw

    NOW SOLD For sale for Bay Window Clutch Claw Security Clamp with both keys. This has only been used once, it is in like new condition as can be seen from the pics. Shortly after purchase we fitted power steering and it no longer fits around the steering column. It does have a flashing red LED...
  8. Davydomes

    Link for advert subscription not working

    Hi Johnny, I have just made a £2 donation to post an add but cannot see how I can post it as there is no "new topic" icon thingy. Can you help? Dave
  9. Davydomes

    Greetins from North Finland

    Nice! :party0047:
  10. Davydomes

    Interior plans/drawings available anywhere?

    Hi, The plans I received were for Devon campers. I have sent the to your gmail account. Regards David
  11. Davydomes

    Merry Xmas

    All the best everyone. Fingers crossed for New Year
  12. Davydomes

    1971 steering box wanted. Norfolk or near

    Is it Left or Right Hand?
  13. Davydomes

    early bay April 1971

    Nice bus!
  14. Davydomes

    Ace Cafe VW Aircooled Night 15th Dec.
  15. Davydomes

    Dubfreeze Ends. :(

    What a pity. I used that as a reference to indicate the start of show season. It broke up the horrible grey days of February. I used to go to Bugfreeze there in the 90's. I hope someone resurrects it in 2022!
  16. Davydomes

    Help wanted

    Bear in mind it's Right Hand Drive.
  17. Davydomes

    New wing mirror?

    I can then assume that they don't move like the repros we have. It drives me nuts keep adjusting after I have closed the door or driven for a short while.
  18. Davydomes


    I have honestly tried ASDA near where I work. Obviously it seems I am going to have to adapt covert tactics! Gonna go for it tonight :msn4:
  19. Davydomes


    I've been looking for these and can't find anybody stocking them. I really wanna try em!