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  1. Graham L

    Parts Wanted Rear seatbelts

    Just Kampers sell rear 3 point seatbelts with an extender piece, all depends whether you have the factory seatbelt mounts already fitted or whether its a panel van conversion
  2. Graham L

    Aircooled Campout 30th June - 2nd July 2023 - SAVE THE DATE

    Booking link here:
  3. Graham L

    Show us your daily

    Why not?? :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  4. Graham L

    Show us your daily

    No just getting older
  5. Graham L

    Aircooled Campout 30th June - 2nd July 2023 - SAVE THE DATE

    We had hope to run another Earlybay Campout and Aircooled Campout in 2023 but as some of you may be aware theres been a dispute between the land owners and one of the brothers has ploughed up the Rally field so its out of action this year but the good news is we've been invited to use the main...
  6. Graham L

    Recommendations in NW uk

    Cheers Sparky, not moved units yet so we are still in Redditch for a little while and struggling to find a suitable unit in the Bolton area at the moment!!
  7. Graham L

    Show us your daily

    This is my latest daily, had it since June last year. I decided we didn't need the recovery truck as it was sat around not being used most of the time (it was bought to use during COVID and meant we could pick up and drop off customer buses). Needed a daily that could tow a trailer and didnt...
  8. Graham L

    Are van prices falling

    Prices in general have fallen over the last few years, the peak of prices was around 2017/2018 and then theres been a gradual drop off, COVID pushed prices up as people wanted a camper to go away in but that novelty now seems to have worn off and at the later half of 2022 people were trying to...
  9. Graham L

    Tyres / Stance Thread - Lets see what ya runnin!

    French Slammer 11cm Narrowed beam and FS Drum Dropped Spindles
  10. Graham L

    Front beam

    We have a stock of used beams available, back in the unit later today so can have a look at what we currently have, where are you based?
  11. Graham L

    Dirty Harry's westy

    I wouldn't but anything from NLAVW, poor reproduction parts that when they go wrong or don't fit they are not interested.
  12. Graham L

    Revol Engineering

    The popular conversion a few years ago was the Bedford Rascal/Suzuki Carry as that works in the same way as the one at the top of this thread, a push you pull me kind of rack. Yes the Astra one Ive seen a few times as you say thats centre fed as is the Saxo/106 rack which I have somewhere as well.
  13. Graham L

    Revol Engineering

    The problem with the set up in the photo is that it will create bump steer as the rack ends are working in a different plane to the trailing arms, the only way a rack placed there really works if its centre fed with tie rods out to the spindles from the centre of the rack like the original set...
  14. Graham L

    Parts Wanted Wanted wanted part number 11

    I think you emailed me over Christmas, I don't think I have any of at the moment but can check next week once I'm back in, they often go missing as they are loose
  15. Graham L

    Parts Wanted spacers spacers wanted

    Sparky that's the later set up, the wide 5 set up has a spacer ring that fits before you put the drum on, it's stops the drum crushing the bearing and they often go missing, it's only about 10-15mm wide, I thought someone had started making them but may be wrong
  16. Graham L

    Xmas gifts

    Prices vary wildly, I was looking on behalf of a customer yesterday and the seller on ebay I was buying off before looks like they stopped doing them which is a pain, I'm told theres a bit of a supply shortage from China at the moment. Make sure it is a 2kw unit and not a 5Kw as they are just...
  17. Graham L

    My T2 Bay Crossover.

    Morning James Glad to see you joined and hope the 121 session last week helped, heres to many adventures in Pandora
  18. Graham L

    Early Bay Sticker Artwork

    Ive got the earlybay logo thats used on the site I think
  19. Graham L

    6 Weeks in 1972 Crossover

    Welcome Jason This is a great forum with far more useful info than on any FB forum and easy to search for things, glad you are enjoying ownership👍