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  1. static

    Any one got step by step instructions on a hot start relay?

    I have one. It does help it start, but it has absolutely no effect on a hot start.
  2. static

    Spare wheel

    Here across the pond, the T25 owners often change out their stock wheels to 15” or 16” leaving a plethora of old 14” wheels that are sold off cheap. I bought a set for not much and had them powder coated. They are not exactly the same as stock wheels, but most people cannot tell the difference...
  3. static

    Parts Wanted Stereo Front to suit padded dash or complete stereo

    That’s what I did. Accepts single DIN units now.
  4. static

    Parts Wanted Front door cards

    Don’t mix them up! If you put the left one where the right one goes (or vice versa) it won’t work! /s
  5. static

    68 westy louvre windows

    I have been saving up to buy new, repro ones. There are two suppliers over here (USA) that sell different versions, but they’re very pricey. I’d probably have to sell my ‘71 just to afford them. Rebuilding and selling rebuilt Jalousie windows would be an ideal pastime for one of the old...
  6. static


    Years ago, I had a cut piece of coffee can that I used to bridge the gaps on incorrect tinware. Spray painted black, it looked fine. Eventually, I was able to acquire the correct tinware for a ‘71. Do whatever it takes to keep hot air from entering the engine compartment, even if it involves...
  7. static

    Check your fuel lines!

    This Baywindow Bastardi from some Dumb-ass Hollywood movie could have avoided immolation if its fuel lines had been checked regularly.
  8. static

    Christmas Decs

  9. static

    wiring diagram for 71 bay

    “North American specification, 1968~71 VW Type 2s had a weird electrical system & loom, with some equally weird switches and rear lights.” Which switches are weird? (…asked the guy with the US Spec ‘71)
  10. static


    With one filament it’s a 1156 With two filaments it’s a 1157 I initially installed the wrong ones into my front turn signals. Took me a week to realize why they weren’t working. I’m a complete muppet.
  11. static

    Rear Hatch door guide question

    Paruzzi has the striker plates….
  12. static

    Parts Wanted Westy table (was Sink flip top)

    Clearly, I didn’t fully obey the word “gently” in its entirety. I will shortly be spending £99 at NLAVW.
  13. static

    Parts Wanted Westy table (was Sink flip top)

    That flip table…is a big pain in the keister. One side of the hinges is glued into a slot in the plywood. It probably should have screws too, but you have to remove the laminate in order to install screws. The laminate objects to being removed. This was not a problem for 50 years or so, but...
  14. static

    Sold front seat hammock

    Now Less Affordable V W
  15. static

    Parts Wanted Early Bay sound deadening

    If I used that, it would be mere minutes until the picky pedants near me wagged their fingers and started clucking. 😂
  16. static

    Parts Wanted Early Bay sound deadening

    I believe that Bus-OK sells them. Part #OK61847 It is unfortunate that nobody in any other country has the skills to manufacture them…
  17. static

    Clutch cables.

    For whatever it’s worth, I seem to require a new clutch and/or accelerator cable only about once every ten years. Also, I have found that the likelihood of a broken cable correlates directly to whether or not you are carrying a spare.
  18. static

    Running like a dog

    I tried various “compatible” Bosch distributors in my ‘71, but when I finally found the correct distributor for my bus, made for use in a bus, it made a big difference. 211 905 205Q Just a data point.
  19. static

    Running like a dog

    This, I’m afraid, is one of those times when a professional VW Aircooled mechanic is required. They’ll have it sorted in minutes.