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  1. Westi57

    Replacement Front Seats

    Audi tt fit with minor mods
  2. Westi57

    Sold CHILDS ride on splitte

    child’s ride on battery splitte grandson is too big for it so it’s time to pass it on looking for £220 pm me for info or contact details
  3. Westi57

    VW Front Emblem

    On bolted one just use bolt you can get at no need to worry about tealeaves 🤔
  4. Westi57

    Need help with 71 accelerator pedal linkage

    Butty bits easy replacement save you time + sanity 😄
  5. Westi57

    Front VW badge 10"

    SOLD all sorted 👍
  6. Westi57

    Front VW badge 10"

    thanks Neil it's yours if you want it pm sent 👍
  7. Westi57

    Front VW badge 10"

    my contact no.07927418839 tried to pm you give me a txt I'll return your call
  8. Westi57

    Front VW badge 10"

    SOLD.........😊 £30 posted original vw all tabs still in tact
  9. Westi57


    SOLD.......... :P DEVON sliding door badge excellent condition £30 on o. 🤔 posted SOLD.......😎
  10. Westi57

    Show us your daily

    New look for daily to grandson's spec......😲
  11. Westi57

    1972 Devon Moonraker (crossover)SOLD

    Now on the bay of flea 😤 NOW SOLD .............😭
  12. Westi57

    Wanted : 72 crossover tailgate and engine lid

    the early won't fit late hinged different locks as well... 🤔
  13. Westi57

    1972 Devon Moonraker (crossover)SOLD

    Will listen to sensible offers 🤔
  14. Westi57

    Show us your daily

    well had to bite bullet + go auto 😥 got Sharan tested this morning in for service tomorrow morning.Will be getting old a Touran tested 🤑 + selling as Sharan new daily now will miss the old girl tho.😢
  15. Westi57

    1972 Devon Moonraker (crossover)SOLD

    something telling me to keep it 🤔 her indoors not pleased, but give me more alone time to try to make it easier to drive 4 me 🤗 and sort out new garage 😉 got some more goodies coming this week (new step, gear link parts 😁)
  16. Westi57

    Interior flooring options

    carpet tiles cut into 1/4s 🤔not too expensive but did the job
  17. Westi57

    1972 Devon Moonraker (crossover)SOLD

    SOLD ..................... 1972 Devon Moonraker for sale due ill health new engine less than 4k miles Audi tt seats + originals Empi alloys wood steering wheel Duckbill chrome grill one key for all locks + ing. New front doors new tailgate Butty bits accelerator linkage Loads of...
  18. Westi57

    Tailgate shape for a '72 / earlier?

    later is on different hinges + early won't fit late but not sure if late will fit early🤔
  19. Westi57

    Tailgate shape for a '72 / earlier?

    xdresser 72 def different to early tho. cos thought mine was early only to find when u closed it nothing lines up😣 at all so was told that xdresser with later rear has different tgate + engine lid 🤔oh + different lock 😕