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    Front shoes - best buy?

    Schofields is always my go to for classic vw bits. Fair prices and excellent customer service. If you phone them, you can also speak to people that actually own and work on these classic vans instead of a sales team that no nothing about them which you get with some of the other larger companies.
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    Looking for Kent KK Deven & Dormobiles

    What year would it have been? I have a late bay with registration starting kkw but its a 1975 reg so I guess its too new? Interestingly I also currently work at Biggin Hill airport and live in Devon
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    Do your Kids love busses?

    My 5 and 7 year old girls love the camper. We use it a lot for holidays and day trips to the beach, making memories. Before I had kids I restored a mk1 vw caddy but it just sits in the garage doing nothing now as we can’t go out in it as a family. The kids love camping in it too, the oldest...
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    Dual port Inlet manifold boots

    Heat resistant rtv may be a better option for a temporary fix
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    South African 1969.

    I’m really pleased my old Danbury units are going to get a new lease of life. Make sure you post up some photos of it when it’s all fitted. Andy
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    Reluctance to move from 3rd to 2nd when hot...?

    Sorry to hijack your thread but my gearbox needs a top up. What is the recommendation for gear oil?
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    South African 1969.

    I see you are in west Devon? Whereabouts in west Devon are you?
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    Slow starting

    The choke could be sticking in the fully open position. I had an empi carb that had this problem so every time I wanted to restart it from cold I had to open the engine lid and push the stepped cam back to free it off.
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    Can anyone recommend tune up in East Devon/ West Dorset çlease?

    Ian at SW classic Vw’s in South molton isn’t too far from you
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    Carburettor gasket

    Check your float height. The gaskets in the kits are much thicker than the originals so this changes the gap between the float needle and the float, raising the height of the fuel in the float chamber which then overflows and floods the carb. The way to check it is take the king lead off and...
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    '68 upper brake reservoir

    Is this the right one? Schofields sell them and the later type:
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    Front seats, pict34 carb, ss exhaust

    Pm sent re carb/manifold
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    Parts for sale, postage extra

    Pm’d re the oil bath air filter
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    Greetings fellow dubbers

    Thats a very nice caddy. You did a fantastic job with that one. I restored mine from a rotter to a minter but I went down the diesel route. Its got a 1.9td engine in it. Now I have kids it hardly ever moves as there isn’t enough seats in it for us all to go anywhere in it. The 69 camper gets...
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    Greetings fellow dubbers

    Have you got any photos of your caddy? I also have a mk1 caddy that I restored nearly 10 years ago. Still got it. I’m now restoring 2 bay window campers. A 69 early and a 75 late.
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    Your Early Bay Picture of the Day .....

    A couple photos my mrs took of our 69 westy in Cornwall:
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    Putsborough is open all year round. You can camp right on the seafront but its a bit pricey and they don’t have any showers, just a toilet block.
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    Replacement fanbelt not 'flat'

    Small world. We will be staying at Carnevas campsite at porthcothan Bay but going down on Saturday. I’ll probably see you down there then. I’ve got a yellow early bay, give us a wave if you see us.