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  1. steve92

    Parts For Sale Westy rear flyscreen.

    Hi, have a westy rear fly screen for sale. Has a few holes it in, but in good general condition. £20 Would prefer collection in Huddersfield, leeds or Harrogate
  2. steve92

    Parts For Sale Westfalia cupboard doors

    Hi, Have both wardrobe doors from a westfalia wardrobe. Only the tall door has a handle. The tall door also has a bit of damage and some chipped trim. Both doors have some light marks and scratches. Pick up only in Huddersfield, Leeds or Harrogate. £15 each or both for £25.
  3. steve92

    69 Tin top westy. Fully restored. beautiful condition.

    Welcome to my listing for my beloved 1969 VW early bay camper. I have owned this van for over ten years, and loved every minute of it. In my ownership it has been fully restored to a high standard, winning 3rd in show at VW festival in Leeds after restoration. It was imported from Colorado some...
  4. steve92

    Steering box refurb.

    Cheers for that :D
  5. steve92

    Steering box refurb.

    Hi all, Wondered if there is anyone doing steering box refurbs as I have an advisory from my mot due to play in it. I know it can be adjusted, but looking for info if I need a plan B. Cheers, Steve.
  6. steve92

    Replacing dynamo with alternator

    Alternator all the way for me. Fitted a 55 amp one to mine a few years ago after my gen died. run a leisure battery and stereo, and its always been fine. From memory i used all the bits in the kit. One thing to bear in mind though, If you run a standard carb you may need a carb spacer as the...
  7. steve92

    tes engine

    My bus had a tes engine 4 years ago, and has been spot on. Have done some long trips too. Never misses a beat and is a great starter.
  8. steve92

    Shoe me your US number plates

    here are mine :D
  9. steve92

    khyam motordome classic

    Have the classic myself. It's easy to put up on your own as long as it's not too windy, and fits the van really well. Haven't noticed any water problems.
  10. steve92

    Repair garages on the west coast of scotland and north lakes

    Can't help with the garages, but just carry some spares. leads plugs etc. Have done the trip to skye twice now from huddersfield, and last year carrying on up to orkney with no issues at all. The pass of cattle(I think it's called)on the way to applecross is awesome if a bit scarry! enjoy matey...
  11. steve92

    Birch headliner

    sanded mine back during the resto, and a couple of coats of clear varnish. Looks really nice now.
  12. steve92

    Cleaning louvre windows

    Autosol works really well too.
  13. steve92

    Must have been one hell of a lowering stick!

    Found this whilst looking on fleebay. :D :D" onclick=";return false;
  14. steve92

    C&C Opening front quarters- help not shiny enough

    Autosol is great for polishing up metal.
  15. steve92

    sealing sun cracked paint

    What about anchor wax?
  16. steve92

    recommended insulation for a bay

    I used to foil type too. Works very well. used it everywhere I could squeeze it in. I also cavity waxed the panels before hand with valvoline tectyl. For the roof, I gaffer taped the insulation in place. The westy wooden head liner keeps it in place.
  17. steve92

    Wanted - OG Westy burnished gold engine bay cushion cover

    I have an og one. It's not mint, but would clean up well. pm me if you're interested. It's a 3/4 one though.
  18. steve92

    Respray in white?

    my pearl white westy is here." onclick=";return false;
  19. steve92

    1968 Panel van

    That's a very tidy piece of muf you have there! :D
  20. steve92

    Problems with my horn!

    :lol: :lol: